Sunday, December 16

My Favorite Posts (Dec 2004-Nov 2007)

Since I redesigned my website, I retired this blog, but let's take a look back, shall we, at all the good times we had together. (*Please Note when I transfered my blog I lost quite a few pictures, one day I hope to fix that, but for the time being imagine great pictures.)

Here's Some of My Favorite Blog Posts Since 2004

My Life


Pop Culture

Wednesday, November 21

Paul is Trying out Tumblr

So I've decided to maybe switch blogs...join me for the test drive of my new Tumblr blog...Let's see what happens when I do more frequent shorter blogs.

Paul’s New Tumblr blog...Sign up for the RSS Feed.

Great Writer's Strike Video

Friday, November 16

The Hills Recap in 30 Seconds

Thursday, November 15

My Kid Nation Episode Recap

Missed Kid Nation Last Night...Read My Recap on College Humor

Tuesday, October 30

Human Giant Halloween Costume Contest with Prizes


We've gotten some emails from people telling us that they are dressing up as Human Giant characters for Halloween. Are you? If so, send us a picture of yourself in costume. We'll post our favorite entries and pick a winner, who will get a signed Human Giant Promo DVD, unavailable anywhere else!

Attach a photo to an email and send it to

Saturday, October 27

First Picture From Lost Season 4

What the Hell?
Another Plane!