Wednesday, December 8

I Reccomend....Fastlane

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Do you Like Guns? How about Fast Cars? What about hip Undercover Cops? Or Jump Cuts, lots and lots of Jump Cuts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Fastlane is the show for you! If you answered no to all of these questions then Fastlane is still the show for you. Fastlane is Awesome!

It's Charlie's Angels (The Movie!--of course) on Speed (not the Movie, the drug). The premise is simple: Deaquon and Van (The Cops) get a lot of money, cool cars, and amazing houses in the Hollywood Hills to go undercover to bust some crazy illegal stuff that goes on in LA. For instance a few weeks ago they opened their own nightclub to bring down a huge underground Ectasy Factory, and before that they infiltrated a Motorcyle Gang of Female Diamond Thieves to get even for killing Deaquon's brother, one week they even "pretended" to kill a bunch of people in a Strip Club just to get in good with the Russian Mafia. How can you not like that? Plus Tiffani Amber Theissen (Saved by the Bell) is their Boss! Awesome.

We know these cops are so cool because even though they hate crime they still love to party!

Plus, you'll never get bored watching it. In one episode I counted 30 jump cuts in ONE minute, that means that there was a different shot every 2 seconds, it cuts so fast it probably could cause seizures in some people.

That's a TV show.

How can you not like this show? You have to watch it

(Editors Note: Unfortunately America Actively Disagreed with Me and Cancelled the show in the middle of a cliff hanger-Damn You Neilsen Families!)


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