Friday, December 10

I Reccomend...Us

Us Weekly
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I'm addicted to Us magazine.

Now if you dont know about Us magazine it makes People Magazine look like Harpers. Its the only magazine I was ever embarrassed to buy. Id actually pad my magazine purchases with other a smarter magazines just so the cashier wouldn't think less of me.

Us Weekly isnt a Magazine as much as it is pictures and captions. Thanks to Us Weekly I have the inside scoop about the fued between Clay and Ruben, How much Leeza Gibbons pays her yoga instructor and how Demi and Ashton stay so cool but so hot at the same time. The worst part is, I dont care about any of those people. But it 's too late for logic, I've read detailed reports on celebrity posture, a photo essay on Shania Twain buying an air conditioner (These aren't jokes, these are real features) and I devoured their gossip section which isnt even gossip! Here Ill show you:

"Antonio Banderas was seen having a romantic dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Melanie Griffith, his wife." How is that gossip!? Its his wife.

I'm hooked.

Us Magazine is Crack and Scientology mixed into one and I want more.


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