Friday, December 10

I Reccomend...XBox Live

xbox live
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I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have gone LIVE! For those of you who don't know, Xbox (The Video Game System) has a new feature that lets you play video games against other people all around the world, and you can talk to them in real time, like a telephone. Now Im not going to pretend that this is an interesting novelty, a chance to listen to nerdy people worldwide or even that its a great a way to make long distance phone calls without paying. No Sir! I do this because as I recently found out, Im an all out nerd.

I didnt think I was nerd. For the first few weeks I was laughing at all the nerds and secretly making fun of them to myself. I was above this juvenile play; I was better than them. That was until three weeks ago at about 4:30AM when I was playing Unreal Tournament LIVE! and I was talking to a kid, who goes by the moniker DeathKilla about how Canadians are rude. By the way a lot of the players are easily 10 years younger than me. As we were speaking and playing I couldnt control myself, after a particularly good shot, I excitedly told him Nice Frag DudeĀ and I meant it! (FYI: A Frag is a Kill) "What?!! Thats not me," I said. Frag. I dont even know how that word got into my vernacular. It was at that moment that it occurred to me, my inner nerd has shown himself. I couldnt deny it any longer. Its 4:30AM and Im talking to a kid who just left Junior High, about the social differences of Canadians and Americans Video Game playing techniques. It struck me I had a choice. I could just pretend it never happened and sign off or I could continue on. I played for another hour!

Now I cant stop. Im addicted. Im also not that good of a player. So if you ever have the chance to go LIVE! Look for Monkey MD (Thats my screen name, Dr Monkey was taken). I'll be there with all the nerds.


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