Wednesday, December 8

My 1st Post...An Explanation

So this is my Blog, Welcome.

Now you'll notice some of these posts seem old, well they are. I'm updating my website and I'm bringing over every post from my old site. So until I catch up it might appear like I'm in a 2 year time warp.

I say the best way to enjoy these posts is just pretend that you got hit hard on the head on your way home from YMCA and you woke up 2 years in the future with Amnesia and this is your only outlet to learn what you missed.

Man I wish I had Amnesia. You're lucky!



At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

youre really a big fan of me, wanna hang out, you have all my albums, all my posters too, dont rip them down or ill get real mad

snoop dogggggggg

p.s. email me at


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