Friday, December 10

My Opinion...The War in Iraq

Manny Mo
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Lately it seems like everyone is talking about The War and President Bush but in all this hype, the media is failing to celebrate a truly important person, someone who can bring order back into our world, Emmanuel Lewis. You have to love this guy, he is the new comeback kid whose actually an adult but still looks like a kid. Its down right un-American to dislike Manny Moe. First of all he loves to Dance. Think about it, if all our World Leaders broke into dancing as much as Manny does, well just forget about War. Instead of finding nukes, we'd be trying to uncover new dance moves. Now I dont take The War on Terrorism Lightly and neither does Manny, thats why he carries a large hunting knife at his side at all times (he says its for camping, but how many times do you get in a camping situation without your knowledge, its a flimsy excuse but you cant get mad at him because hes just sooo cute). I think we should harken back to the days when Americans walked softly and carried a big stick and with Manny Moe in Charge it would be Dance Smoothly and carry a large knife. With Emmanuel Lewis, there is Peace.


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