Friday, December 10

My Promise to You

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I just got a puppy and he's great! But I haven't been so vigiliant about updating the website but I don't want you to worry about me changing. So I promise you the following...

1. I'll never have the Puppy refer to me as "Daddy".

2. I won't carry the puppy around in a pouch that hangs off my chest nor will I find it cute to put him in a baby stroller.

3. I won't post more than this picture of the puppy on my website nor will I dedicate a picture gallery to him.

4. I will not dress him in any outfits including tartan sweaters and yellow rain slickers.This goes double for Halloween Costumes.

5. When other dog owners ask the dog his name I'll remain silent until they ask me his name, because dogs can't talk (unless you have a dog from that Cuba Gooding Jr. Movie, which I don't have)

6. I won't buy a T-Shirt that has a picture of my dog scanned on to it with any pithy slogan (i.e. Best Friends or Together Forever)

7. Finally, I promise that I'll never plan, prepare or take part in, a Dog Wedding or Dog Birthday Party.


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