Friday, December 10

My Summer Thoughts

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Hmm.. I liked The Italian Job, I wish I had a Mini Cooper

Shorts make me look like a tourist

Hogwarts seems like fun...but they do get a lot of homework

If I use my A/C all day today and then don't use it the rest of the week it's like I only used the A/C 2 hours a day for the entire week...Not Bad

Liz Phair has a lot of sex!

I wonder what it would be like to get your tonsils out...I bet they give you shitty ice cream afterwards

Why are all the contestants on Match Game morons?

If I had a baby it would be easy to vacation because everyone would want the baby to come out to there nice summer houses

Toasted Almond or Rocket Pop?

I wonder if Lionel Ritchie still has that clay bust from that video with the Blind Girl. She was a good sculptor for a blindy"

Should I buy the Popeye DVD..It's really cheap.


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