Saturday, April 9

Paul's Hollywood Celebrity Sighting Game

I Recently was in LA and I Saw a Bunch of Famous People..So Suck It!

Match the Celebrity with the Location of the Sighting
(For Every Correct Answer Give Yourself an American Dollar)

1.) Seal and Heidi Klum-----A.) Hugo's Restaurant
2.) Renne Zellweger--------B.) Shopping in Target
3.) Paris Hilton------------C.) On The Set of DL Hughley Show
4.) Jennifer Garner---------D.) Using the Name "Jen" at Starbucks
5.) That Dude From ER-----E.) Trick Question I Didn't See that Person
6.) Peter Graves---------- F.) Holding up a Liquor Store
7.) DL Hughley------------G.) Hosting the DL Hughley Show
8.) Benjamin McKenzie------H.) Shooting a Scene for Alias
9.) Tracy Morgan-----------I.) Somewhere in Hollywood

1.) B 2.) D 3.)I 4.)H 5.)A 6.)F 7.)G 8.) E 9.) C

How Did You Do?

Rate Yourself:

9 out 9 -- Chances are You are Me and I'm Scared
8 out 9 -- You Cheated. But you got 1 wrong, to sway suspicion.
7 out 9 -- You've Kissed Marlee Matlin (with Tongue)
6 out 9 -- Stop Bragging, No one likes a Braggart
5 out 9 -- Fill in the Blanks: You have (Blank) with a (Blank)!
4 out 9 -- People call you Lionel (Behind Your Back)
3 out 9 -- I'm sorry about your Uncle.
2 out 9 -- You've never Seen Beverly Hills Cop 3
1 out 9 -- You Have Strep Throat (Take Some Antibiotics)


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