Sunday, May 22

Horrible Movie Pitch #1

Welcome to the newest segment of my Blog, "Horrible Movie Pitches." This new segment is devoted exclusively to creating the worst pitches for movies.

Title:Vampire Realtor (AKA 1 Bedroom & 1 Bloodbath)

Tagline: Finding an Apartment Really Sucks!

Plot: Ever wonder how Angel (From "Angel") got such good digs or how Stephen Dorff's Character (from "Blade") scored that sweet penthouse apartment, well it's all thanks to Sam Seidelman, The Vampire Realtor. He's not a vampire but the Vamps don't know that because he knows exactly what they're looking for: a good deal, someone who works nights and who's not a pain in the neck. Everything is going great for Sam until Count Vlad a competing real real estate agent (and real vampire) finds out the truth and exposes Sam to the entire Vampire community, now Sam has only hours to escape New York City with his daughter Lily while every vamp in the city is trying to get their Broker's fees back. It's Warriors meets Midnight Run as Sam tries to save his neck.

Sam Seidelman: Paul Giamatti
Count Vlad: Lance Henriksen
Lily: Dakota Fanning


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