Thursday, May 19

If I Had a Nickel....

Everyone is always telling me, "Paul, you and Lil' Kim are so similiar I don't know who is who anymore", well fret no longer, here's an easy guide that highlights the 5 main differences between Lil Kim and Me (Paul Scheer) so you can easily tell us apart.

1.) Lil Kim is 4'11 where I stand a stately 5'10

2.) Lil Kim is also known as the "Queen Bee" where as sometimes I'm referred to as "Big Baby Deluise"

3.) Little Kim is often know to associate with Rap Moguls like Biggie Smalls, P. Diddy, and Jermaine Dupri where as I once sat across from Kid from Kid n' Play at a TGI Fridays in Miami,

3.) Lil Kim was a prostitute where as I have never having taken money for sex, unless you count letting weird dudes feel me up in the parking lot of an Arby's (remember it was just touching not sex, big difference!)

4.) Lil Kim claims she put the "Range" in the Rover where I am universally known for putting the "Hy" in the Hyundai

5.) Despite popular perception it's was Me (Paul Scheer) that recieved a lot of acclaim when I teamed up with Pink, Mya, and Christina Aguilera for a remake of "Lady Marmalade", where as Lil Kim's most know collabration was with Steve Winwood and Bruce Willis in a Hip Hop version of "Under the Boardwalk"

I hope that clears up any confusion.


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