Tuesday, May 31

Only 28 More Days

That's Right...There are only 28 Days Left Till.....YOU GO OVER THE TOP!

LIncoln Hawk will Fight for his Son the onlty way he knows how....ARM WRESTLING!

Wow! Man! Cool! Awesome! Truck! These are all the words I used to describe Over the Top when I was 10.

I wish I had a Dad like Lincoln Hawk. A Dad who would teach me time and time again that "The Road will Never Meet You Halfway" (I don't really get what he meant, but it sounds cool and isn't that more important anyway). I want a Dad who when I was being held hostage by my evil grandfather would drive his Semi Truck through the Main Entrance of my captor's evil house, like a knife through butter. A Father who would sell his precious truck so he could use the money to bet on himself in a Las Vagas Arm Wrestling Championship worth $250,000 dollars. So we could live the good life.

Yeah he's the Perfect Dad, sure I initially would hate this type of dad based purely on his clothes and the food he ate but then we'd be great friends and he'd teach me how to drive stick shift and even though my mother died I wouldn't be that bummed because I knew eventually we'd be going OVER THE TOP.

OVER THE TOP on DVD July 27th-You can smell the Pit Sweat it's so Close

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At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Lu said...

AWSOMENESS and AWSOME ACTION AND ADVENTURE....I wish I had a dad Like this also...thats awsome


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