Monday, May 30

What I Learned From My Season Finales

Wow! The Last 2 Weeks have been ChockFull of Kickass Season Finales.


Here are a list of some of the things I learned from watching the Season Finales of The OC, 24, Lost, and Alias:

1.) Watch the Road: Nothing Hinders a Dramatic Confession or Admission more than getting Hit by a Car. (Kudos to both The OC and Alias for teaching us the Same Lesson)

2.)Bullets Don't Hurt Good Guys: If you get shot, the chances your of recovery directly correlates with whether or not you are good guy/girl. The same goes for Tazer Shocks, Alcholism, Blunt Head Trauma, Stopping Your Heart, Getting Hit in the Head with a Fuckload of Rocks, and Being Attacked by Zombies.

3.) There is always time for Torture: Just like Jell-O but Different

4.)Someone is Always Lying to You: No Matter if They are Your Girlfriend, BoyFriend, Best Friend, Boss, The President, Former President, Ex-Wife, Mother, Sister, Brother, Secret Service Agent, Fellow Boaters, A Chinese Diplomat, or a Crazed French Woman who's been stranded on a Island for 16 years- Don't Trust Anyone.

5.) Don't Rape Your Brother's Girlfriend: So Simple yet Important to Remember.

6.) Dynamite IS Dangerous: Just ask Arnst

7.) If You Have a Child-They Will be Kidnapped: I Don't Like it Either but it's True. I guess that's why they call it kidnapping.

8.)When The Fat Guy Runs it's Important: If they are exerting all that effort at least hear them out.

9.)If You Have a Gun-Use It: Seriously, don't think about it, just pull the trigger and hope for the best.

These Season Finales also Gave Me Some Fun Vacation Ideas. According to Lost, Alias, 24, and The OC the Best Places to Spend Your Summer Vacations in No Certain Order are as Follows: Mexico, Rehab, The Hospital, Prison, Out at Sea, or Staring Down a Hatch.


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