Wednesday, June 29

Friendster 2002-2005

Dearly Beloved We Gathered Here Today to Mourning the Passing of a Friend, actually, a Friendster.

For the Last 3 Years Friendster was a Nice and Pleasant Way to Contact with your friends and make this Scary World that we call the Internet a Safe Place. Unfortunately for the last year Friendster has fallen gravely ill. Yes, we all tried to ignore it at first but we can't any longer. Our friend requests dwindled, the messages in our Inbox became in fewer and fewer in number and most sadly people defected to other places on the internet that weren't as safe or as tidy; Places like MySpace and FaceBook, sites that promised cooler and slutty girls and guys and the chance to get laid or casually stalk someone from afar, which is kinda what we always wanted anyway.

What once was cool has become a place for parents over 40, pets, and even sometimes inanimate object. Granted it saw a momentary recovery with the addition of its fortune telling programs and blogs, it was too late, the tide as turned and those were fatal last gasps of a dying site. So tonight please join me as I unbookmark this friend and finally let go my 1st profile that I worked so hard on.

Goodbye Friendster- You'll be missed.

Monday, June 27

Back on the Air

Just a reminder Jake Fogelnest and I are on NYC's K-Rock 92.3 This Week!

Tune In Monday Through Thursday From 10PM - 2AM

We Haven't seen each other or have gotten a chance to hang out in about 2 Months, so it should be interesting! We have a Bunch to Talk About.

IM us at JakepaulKrock
Call Us @ 888-923-5762

* No Requests Unfortunately. It's Corporate Radio. So as much as you really want to hear QueensRyche we can't play it.

Thursday, June 23

Why I like Cameron Crowe...Plus Updates!

I have a confession....I love Cameron Crowe Movies

I'm a Total Sucker for Them. Yes, even Vanilla Sky (Seriously it's good-it's like an intelligent Sci-Fi Film-Watch it Again!)

Here's a Short List of Some of the Good and Bad Ways Cameron Crowe has Affected Me

1.) He's made me appreciate and sing along with Elton John more than I probably every wanted to.

2.) The way I see it he owes me roughly $750 for my brief (albeit expensive) fascination with Kickboxing and my purchase of a ridiculous large Boom Box.

3.) For Making Think that his Awesome Dialogue would work in the Real World...Just FYI if you use lines like "I just happened to be nowhere near your neighborhood.", "You Complete Me", "Let's be Friends...with Potential", chances are you are going to creep out the girl or get a restraining order filed against you.

4.) For putting way too much pressure on my dates (without their knowledge) because I use the use the "Did She Unlock My Car Door Theory" from Singles. From that moment on you know if the relationship has any legs.

5.) 2 Words: Phoebe Cates. Everyone remembers her coming out in the Swimming Pool in Fast Times (He Wrote it)

6.) Because He Made Me Tear Up during Jerry McGuire in Front of 3 of my Guy Friends...Thankfully they bought my Popcorn Butter Allergy Excuse.

7.) 2 Words: Jonathan Lipnicki. Everyone remembers him coming out of the Swimming Pool in Jerry McGuire (Oh Wait I wrote that in my Jerry McGuire Fan Fiction)

Plus He also seems to be the one of coolest guys out there, listen to some of his DVD commentary tracks he's done them with his Mom, His Kids, His Wife, and he even got Tom Cruise on the Phone for one of them. (He can get to Cruise directly how many people can say that?)

Check out this Internet Exclusive Trailer for Elizabethtown and see what I'm talking about. I Can't Wait for October! I haven't been this giddy since I saw Batman Begins in the Theaters..Granted that's a bad example because I just saw that a few days ago, but still you get the point.


I've Updated My Website

New Links ....A Whole New Section 'Just Bloggin'

New Gospel According to Andrew WK. ....Just in time for the Summer Doldrums

Watch Some TV....Episodes of Gemberling and K-Rock Show w/o Commercials

Performance Calendar ..... Live, TV, And Radio!

New Press....2 Great Articles from The NY Post and Time Out New York

Tuesday, June 21

Trying to Be Cool

I always wanted to be that "cool kid" who knew about the newest bands before anyone else.

My life would have been totally different if I was listening to Nirvana's Bleach back in 1989, instead of singing the praises of groups like Ugly Kid Joe. Remember them? They had that video with the "It's Pat" character from Saturday Night Live. Or You might have found me Rapping along with Chunky A (Arsenio Hall's Alter Ego & Short Lived Rap Personality) who was not only "Large and in Charge" like his debut & ironically final album suggested but also sang lyrics like this “You got diarrhea at the mouth and you getting on my damn nerves and you still lazy! Ho.”

Hopefully I'm leaving those days far behind me, because I found an Amazing New Band CarPark North Check out there video Human which I can only describe as a cross between "The Matrix" and "The Breakfast Club" with a crapload of Weird Dutch Kids.

But That's not All......Check This Out!

This is the Funniest Thing I've seen in such a long time...enjoy it (it's a little long but totally worth the wait)

WarCraft has never been this Good

(It should download to your desktop immediately)

Friday, June 17

Get Ready To Have Your Asses Blown Out!

Earlier this week, I promised you that I'd introduce you to the Best Japanese Boy Band Ever. Telling you that was like Giving you a Diamond and Telling you it was Glass.

It was a Lie. It was an Understatement.

I'm going to introduce you to the Best Thing to Happen to Music Ever.

So Ladies and Gentlemen without any further Ado, may I present to you The Future of Music....HAPPATAI

*Thanks to Mike and Adam who adopted Jack McBrayer and I while we performed in Charleston. They lets us crash at their place before they ever met us. Plus a Big Thanks to Jackie, not pictured, who showed the above video, late one night after much drinking. I owe you all.

Thursday, June 16

Best Week Ever in Nashville

Last Week Best Week Ever went to Nashville.

They say a Picture is worth a Thousand Words.

So Check out my Photo Journal under Best Week Ever Live Goes to Nashville


Wednesday, June 15

My Harddrive Crashed

Sorry for the Lack of Updates, But My Computer is Being a Douche.

Here are some Previews of things I will post about....

-Going to a 17 year old Millionaire's House Party in Nashville
-Beauty and the Geek on the WB
-A Photo Journal of My Trip to Disney World with My Parents
-The Best Japanese Boy Band EVER!
-The Most Delicious Airplane Snack is on Delta

Plus More....

Tuesday, June 7

2 Quick Hits....

Just returned from Best Week Ever Live in Nashville and now I'm off to Charleston, South Carolina for the Piccolo Spoleto Festival.

My Nashville Photo Journal will be up shortly but in the meantime check out these links....

The New Episode of Gemberling is here. Watch as Gemberling, Chains, Hotmail and Insult-A-Bot visit The Oracle.

Also I was interviewed by the Career Cookbook read it, it makes me sound smart, not an easy feat. Plus I have 2 summer grilling recipes on there.

Wednesday, June 1

My Grandma's Thoughts & Complaints about the CBS Naval Drama JAG

After speaking to my Grandmother this afternoon*, it was quite apparent that she had a lot of questions that needed answers and a lot of thoughts that needed a forum. Unfortunately for me, all of her thoughts and questions revolved around the highly rated CBS Naval Drama JAG-To which I have little to no knowledge of. Since I couldn't answer these questions I present them to you.

1.) What time is it on?
2.) Are Capt. Harmon and Lt. Meg to ever going to get together because otherwise it's just ridiculous.
3.) Are they releasing JAG on DVD?
3.) Why haven't they released JAG on DVD?
4.) Why haven't I been on JAG?
5.) Have I ever met someone from JAG
4.) Why haven't I met someone from JAG?
5.) Wouldn't I like to meet someone from JAG?
6.) If I do meet someone from JAG, I MUST tell them that my Grandmother Loves the Show.
7.) When I do figure out what time it's on, it's always a repeat.
8.) I've seen all the Episodes but I don't mind watching them again, b/c sometimes I forgets what happens.
9.) Why won't anyone agree with her that David James Elliott is a real looker?
10.) The episode with Joyce Brothers was a waste.
11.) Catherine Bell is a nice girl.
12.) Is Catherine Bell...You know...Gay?

*NOTE: These are all Real Questions From My Real Grandma (JAG Enthusiast)