Friday, June 17

Get Ready To Have Your Asses Blown Out!

Earlier this week, I promised you that I'd introduce you to the Best Japanese Boy Band Ever. Telling you that was like Giving you a Diamond and Telling you it was Glass.

It was a Lie. It was an Understatement.

I'm going to introduce you to the Best Thing to Happen to Music Ever.

So Ladies and Gentlemen without any further Ado, may I present to you The Future of Music....HAPPATAI

*Thanks to Mike and Adam who adopted Jack McBrayer and I while we performed in Charleston. They lets us crash at their place before they ever met us. Plus a Big Thanks to Jackie, not pictured, who showed the above video, late one night after much drinking. I owe you all.


At 2:14 AM, Anonymous Paul Jimmy Jimson Bifftofferson said...

I've got the same feeling I had when the Beatles first came to our shores only bigger. That is, it's the feeling I imagine I'd have had if I'd witnessed the Beatles. Eh, they weren't all that. It was all trick photography or something in the sixties anyway I heard.


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