Wednesday, June 1

My Grandma's Thoughts & Complaints about the CBS Naval Drama JAG

After speaking to my Grandmother this afternoon*, it was quite apparent that she had a lot of questions that needed answers and a lot of thoughts that needed a forum. Unfortunately for me, all of her thoughts and questions revolved around the highly rated CBS Naval Drama JAG-To which I have little to no knowledge of. Since I couldn't answer these questions I present them to you.

1.) What time is it on?
2.) Are Capt. Harmon and Lt. Meg to ever going to get together because otherwise it's just ridiculous.
3.) Are they releasing JAG on DVD?
3.) Why haven't they released JAG on DVD?
4.) Why haven't I been on JAG?
5.) Have I ever met someone from JAG
4.) Why haven't I met someone from JAG?
5.) Wouldn't I like to meet someone from JAG?
6.) If I do meet someone from JAG, I MUST tell them that my Grandmother Loves the Show.
7.) When I do figure out what time it's on, it's always a repeat.
8.) I've seen all the Episodes but I don't mind watching them again, b/c sometimes I forgets what happens.
9.) Why won't anyone agree with her that David James Elliott is a real looker?
10.) The episode with Joyce Brothers was a waste.
11.) Catherine Bell is a nice girl.
12.) Is Catherine Bell...You know...Gay?

*NOTE: These are all Real Questions From My Real Grandma (JAG Enthusiast)


At 8:56 PM, Blogger Mathilda said...

I know that this is a really old post, but I have decided that you are my new hero. Since you can't teach an old dog new tricks, I figure it's about the same as posting a new comment on an old post. Right? Good.

Hopefully, my blog will answer some of your Grandma's questions about JAG. At one point, I was their future screenwriter.

At 11:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1.) It has been cancelled from CBS. Check here, for the cable schedule.

2.) No, Lt. Meg Austin was taken out of the cast aafter season one when NBC cancelled the show. Making way for Catherine Bell to become the new female role.

3.) yes, they should be out late spring of 2006.

3.) A syndication contract with one of the cable networks was preventing this.

There you go.


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