Wednesday, July 6

The Mile High Snack Club

As a frequent Jet Blue flyer, I've gotten to be an Airplane Snack Snob.

For many years I believed that Jet Blue had the best In-Flight Airplane Snacks that Avaiation had to offer (with the exception of the cheese and cracker portion of the flight which in my opinion has too few crackers for the enormous amount of cheese that you are given, leaving you with only two choices, either abandon the cheese or scoop the remainder of the cheese out of the container and into your mouth, neither are appealing decisions to the snack concious airplane traveler, taking part in either action is like buying a Ferrari that doesn't have seats. However I digress...)

I was Fooled..Bamboozled...Led Astray!

Jet Blue Tricked me!

The best snack in the sky is NOT Blue Terra Chips, Animal Crackers or even Chocolate Biscotti it's....

Lance's Smoked Swiss Cheese on Wheat Snack Crackers....or as it's known in the hood as "SWISS on WHEAT!"

I know what you are thinking..."Paul, you're insane! Those are White Trash Snack Crackers." But I'll ask you this, "Does deliciousness know any bounds?" No, it doesn't.

As far as I can tell these bad Boys are only available on Delta Airlines and it's worth every penny, I suggest booking a flight on Delta just for the crackers. Maybe if the flight is half full and you are feeling lucky the stewardess might even give you 2 packs if you ask nicely.

I don't know if the delicious flavor comes from the slightly smoked swiss combined with the salty wheat cracker or the taste sensation is born out of the lack of oxygen and incredibly high altitude. Either way I'm not questioning my tastebuds.

Also please don't worry about the quality, gone are the days days of the Traditional Cheddar Cheese Snack Crackers, you remember those, the crackers were so bright orange they actually glowed in the dark. These crackers actually look healthy eventhough their shelf life is about the life span of your average dog. So enjoy and fly Delta!


At 3:15 AM, Anonymous B-Side said...

This is a revelation. I wish I had discovered this blog exactly seven days ago when I chose not just one but two helpings of the JetBlue chocolate chip cookie (sometimes I nag the flight attendant for an extra chocolate biscotti too). My return flight is on United, but next time I go JetBlue, I will try those odd but apparently awesome crackers.

And because I feel like self-promoting, I actually blogged my JetBlue experiences last week:

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Mrs.Pants said...

Is this actual swiss cheese or some astronaut powdered smear?

At 1:53 AM, Anonymous Paul Jimmy Jimson Bifftofferson said...

Yo, Paul mah niggah!

I can get you all the lance snack crackers you want dawg. Us inbred, backward ass, redneck (transplanted) hicks are good for something.

You must try the grilled cheese.
Eat your heart out Chez Robert!

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Greatsage13 said...

I need these crackers!!!!!!!! My husband and I love them and I can't find them in stores or my vending machines at work. The Wolfe's in New Orleans.

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't find these WONDERFUL crackers anywhere...Even the Lance Snack Cracker website. I even emailed them and asked if they are not going to make them anymore! They did reply and said that they were still making them, however, I still can't get them online or anywhere else near me. (they have a zipcode locator).

At 4:27 AM, Anonymous maki kinne said...

you can get them online now as well!


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