Sunday, July 31

Random Picture From My iPhoto

I'm confused. What is this a recipe for?

2 Shots of Happy
1 Shot of Sad
and a Splash of Matt Dusk
Makes What?

or is it...

2 Shots of Happy
1 Shot of Sad
to make a Splash of Matt Dusk

Either way, My Mind is Blown. Damn You Las Vegas!

(By the way, I applaud everyone that didn't have a problem with that Tag Line)


At 3:09 PM, Blogger Jared said...

Paul, I love your blog, but you have certainly cross the line this time!

"What happens here, stays here." That's how Vegas rolls. You have broken the unenforced laws of Vegas etiquette!! Such is almost unforgiveable, I demnad to publish a public apology. (And maybe a comment in my xanga... **head nod**)

~ Jared!! ~


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