Sunday, August 28

Things Overheard in a Movie Theater Bathroom after The Brothers Grimm

Last Night I Went to See the Terry Gilliam's The Brothers Grimm at the Huge AMC Movie Theater on 42nd Street.

Now I liked it, it was uneven at times but overall, it was pretty entertaining. But don't take my word for it. Let's hear what some people had to say while I was waiting on line in the Men's Bathroom after the movie ended.
(Note: These are actual quotes, no exaggeration or hyperbole)

"We should have seen Deuce Bigalow again. At least there you know what the fuck you're getting into. It's going to be some some dude screwing women and getting paid, Pimpin ain't easy!"

"My Shit is More Interesting than that Movie." (This was heard from inside a closed bathroom stall, so one can assume he was basing that on fact)

"What the Fuck was That?"

"I Hate Julie Delpy; Before Sunrise was the only movie I've every walked out on, it was terrible! Hands down the worst movie ever made. Plus Bill Murray sucks I don't know why we saw that" (I think this person came from seeing Broken Flowers and obviously has no Soul)

"It's like a Fairy Tale surrounded by a Fairy Tale that pays homage to all those Famous German Fairy Tales."

"More Like Brothers Suck Dick"

*Sorry I was Away for Awhile...I've been travelling around a lot in the last week (5 Different States) and it was tough to find an proper place to update. I thought I would find a place but I never did. Damn You Hot Spots! Damn You to Hell!


At 5:48 PM, Blogger Roe said...

Welcome back, Paul. Bathrooms do have the besy quotes, don't they?

At 5:50 PM, Blogger Roe said...

Sorry the word is best, not besy.

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Bekah! said...

The Atlanta show was SO rockin \m/. Here's a link to my blog that talks a little about it if you guys are at all interested. I never thought I'd see a men's glee club at an engineering school doing an acapella version of "Sunshine of Our Love". They also did an Eagle Eye Cherry song. It was so bizarre that it was brilliant. Viva la glee club!

At 3:14 AM, Blogger Jimmy Jimson said...

Glad to hear you still like to have fun in restrooms.

Welcome back. You were missed.

At 2:54 PM, Blogger somethingfresh said...

I never thought men had to wait in line, simply thought that was just another perk of being a woman.

Also, the Bill Murray remark pisses me off just thinking about it. Let's go hunt him down...I'll throw him a beatin.

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous janey said...

gasps...before sunrise was a great flick! i think responses from the girls restroom would of been mucho different

At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Evil Dave said...

Men have to wait in line occasionally. All it takes is one or two guys who just had to take a dump in public and it skews the whole universe.

At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Evil Dave said...

Paul.. has.. abandoned.. us..

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Roe said...

:( :(

At 5:01 PM, Blogger Jimmy Jimson said...

3 times a week he promised.

I'm suing!

At 5:32 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Just Wait...I'll be back on track.

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Evil Dave said...

Don't forget about the MNF Terrell Owens skit! lol. I'm just waiting to send that link to everybody I know. That's how big of a loser I am, Paul!

At 4:52 PM, Blogger Jimmy Jimson said...

Do it when it's fun and convenient. it'll be better that way. nice to have you back.
Now I'm leaving town!


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