Friday, November 18

Las Vegas: Night One Recap (What I Learned)

The Gang from Best Week Ever and UCB Theater's ASSCATT are out here in Vegas for The Comedy Festival and so far it's been great, we're all staying at the Palatial Caeser's Palace, where the Statues Talk, the Bathrooms Have Flat Screen T.V.'s., and if you are lucky you can play a Video Slot Machine based on the Movie Alien.

Here's Some Things i've Learned So Far.....

- No Matter how Much Hovering and/or Extensive Planning you put into meeting Larrry David chances are you probably are going to have an akward encounter with him. This is something Aziz and I learned first hand last night when our careful orchestrated plans to strike up a unique conversation with him were quickly squashed. Instead of our original plans of hanging with Larry we just settled for a long and awkward "Hey" which quicly led to a LD walkaway...Keep in mind, it seemed like we were the only people that coundnt get past the initial greeting. However on retrospect I'm beginning to believe our interaction (where we came off as stalkers) was actually better than having a normal conversation with him.

-Shrimp is apparently at a Surplus in Las Vegas...Which is slightlly unnerving since it's a land locked state.

-David Copperfield is the Coolest Dude, Ever! Sure You can pay $97.00 to watch his Vegas Stage Show (and it would be worth it) but it's mch more fullfillng to watch him make someone's Ipod Nano dissapear while ordering drinks at a crowded bar.

-Apparently George Wallace is the King of Your Mamma Jokes, just Check out his Sign

Hopefully Things will Continue in this Direction


At 4:23 PM, Blogger sabatkes said...

This sounds like fun.
Didja get to meet Manilow yet? I heard he skulks about.

The shrimp thing bothers me as well. The whole concept of buffet food just scares me. Sneeze guards, anyone??

At 2:09 AM, Blogger observantcynic said...

Vegas sounds great. Don't feel too bad about the LD thing. I met Lewis Black once and it took me about 15 seconds to think of my own name.

I'd like David Copperfield much more if he'd make that Ipod disappear and then send it to me.

At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is completely unrelated, but Sam the Ugly Dog died!

Poor little hideous thing.


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