Saturday, November 12

This Could Be The Best Movie of 2007

25 Years Ago A Vietnam Vet Just Wanted to Hitchhike Across Country, but "The Man" Wouldn't Let Him. So He Went Crazy and Hunted Down That Small Town's Police Force.

3 Years Later that Same Veteran was released from Federal Prison on a Special Assignment to Rescue all the Remaining POWs from Vietnam, He Did it and Showed those Pencil Pushing Military Jerks What's What.

3 Years After That He went to Afghanistan and Blew Some Shit Up and Saved Some Dude.

23 Years Later RAMBO IS BACK!

I'm So Psyched For This Movie and I'm not a Rambo Fan!

In the Past I've talked about My Love For Stallone, But I think This Might Be His Best Movie Yet!

This Movie is going to Be Amazingly Ridiculous. Think about it. When it's Released in the Theaters John Rambo will be about 62 Years Old. Only a Few Years away from getting an AARP Card. My Grandparents are in there 60's if they started carrying around Giant Bowie Knifes, I'd be nervous and I'd probably call the authorities, after of course I videotaped them for a little bit because that tape would be pretty funny to show at parties and stuff.

Rambo's Slogan Used to Be, "God would have mercy John Rambo won't!" Now think about saying that about someone who wears golf hats and smells vaguely of Mothballs, it doesn't neccessarily pack the same emotional punch.

I Just Imagine Rambo Drinking Ensure and Falling Asleep in the middle of a Recon Assignment. I can't even imagine who he could be pissed at anymore, maybe he's mad at the local Wal-Mart because they wouldn't hire him as a greeter or at Applebees because they wouldn't give him the Seniors Menu. Either way I just want to see one scene where he tries to use a computer and tries talking into mouse like a microphone to try to make it work.

Now All We Have to Do is Get Someone Working on the Script for "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot 2" and Finally everything will be Right in the World!


At 8:06 PM, Blogger Flash said...

Hello from Vegas Paul, hope I can make it out to see you. Cheers.

At 9:47 AM, Anonymous ZNB said...

I totally hope the movie is about the future of robots being incorporated in America.

The old' folks home Rambo is staying at just got in a new robot butler, but it's an evil robot that is bent on stealing everyones medicine and turning it to Weapons of Mass Destruction. These WMD's will be sold to foreign countries, but Rambo learns about the plan (when he is enjoying some delicious fig pudding).

Now he's out to destroy all the robots in the world!!!


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