Thursday, December 8

I Miss Lost

It's Only Been a Week but I Need My Lost Fix!

I Just don't Feel Like a Man if I don't Hate Ana Lucia Just a Little Bit More with Each Passing Week

If You Are Jonesing For Some Good Lost "Did You Miss it Action"...Well Let Me Fill in the Void.

Check Out Who's on the TV in Last Week's Episode:

(I Just think it's really inappropriate of Kate's Dad to catch up on old episodes of Lost when he's at Work)

On Hanso Foundation click Alvar Hanso and then click the picture that comes up. You will see a short little “Hello, Who Is This?” bit on an old CPU screen.

Then you will be brought to a faxed letter from someone to the institute. In it, they apologize for "communicating" with the experiment on Zanzibar. Maybe Zanzibar is the island? (I Just Thought it was a Kickass Billy Joel Song)

Two Great Letters
Letter One
The DOD Letter to the FAA About Flight 815

Here's a Hidden Clue about The Roles of Locke and Mr. Ecko

Wikipedia’s info on Enkidu and Gilgamesh:

Enkidu (Mr Eko?) acts as a foil to Gilgamesh (Locke?), and a sidekick in other stories. The author is expressing to the reader that the main character of the epic is Gilgamesh and not Enkidu. Enkidu acts as a form of balance and dialogue opportunity for Gilgamesh.
Enkidu assists Gilgamesh in his fight against Humbaba, the monster of the Cedar forest, then is killed by the gods for slaying the "Bull of Heaven." The goddess Ishtar demands that the pair should pay for its destruction. Shamash argues to the gods to spare both of them, but could only save Gilgamesh. The gods pass judgment that Enkidu had no "reason" to fight the Bull and was interfering with the will of the gods. Enkidu then is struck by a severe illness and near death has visions of the gloomy afterlife. Before he actually dies he curses the trapper and the harlot for leading him down this doomed path.

One of the Writers for College Humor and Owner of an Equally Funny Blog has Posted this Great Deleted Scene From Lost and See What You Missed


At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul! I was really at loose ends last week. Do you happen to know if it's a new ep this Wednesday? I hate when the holidays roll around and replace good shows with bad holiday movies starring Steven Webber/that girl from "Father of the Bride"/other random people.

Is there a general consensus on why Sayid was on TV? Do you have any ideas?

At 1:18 AM, Blogger observantcynic said...

I'm getting antsy waiting for new episodes. January 11th is so far away :-/

Thanks for the info on Enkidu and Gilgamesh, btw. I hadn't read that before.


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