Monday, January 23

Amo La Radio EspaƱola

Over the Last Few Months, I've Spent a lot of Time in My Car and I Learned a Very Important Thing...Spanish Radio Rules!

Granted, I have No Idea What they Are Saying, because I don't speak Spanish... But It Sounds Like they are having so Much More Fun Than Those Boring Honky Radio DJs.

Plus they aren't afraid to Throw in the Occasional Fart Sound Effect, which some scientists have proven to be just as physically and mentally effective as caffeine (in regards to waking up in the morning).

Don't Believe Me? Just take a look at Their Ads

I mean C'mon, Would You Rather Listen to This....

OR These Guys

Wait a Second! Are They Parodying, "Malcolm in the Middle"? How Could a Radio show Be Just Like "Malcolm in the Middle"? That's Like Saying your radio show is like "Charles in Charge". Plus I don't See a Wig on Anyone! (FYI: If You Wear a Crazy Wig on the Radio, I Applaud that, That's a Huge Commitment, because technically no one will know if you do or don't because it's Radio-So, Yes To Wigs)

Check Out These Guys, They are on a CGI Burrow! Suck it Peter Jackson!

Meanwhile These Doofuses are posing Like Charlie's Angels!

What the F! What's Up with These Lame TV Poses? You Are on the Radio, Stop with the TV. And If You are Going to do a silly pose it at least commit like our Friends on the Burrow! (Read: Don't Shoot Your Publicity Picture in the Parking Lot of Your Radio Station)

Personally This Ad is My Favorite:

I think I like it just because it's has Ben Franklin Speaking Spanish...Again, I Have No Idea What he's Saying but whatever it is, it's certainely making that one dude laugh and that other dude pissed. Ben Franklin, First You Discover Electricity and Now Spanish Radio, is there anything you can't do?

By the way, Last Week I was on the Radio with Jake and Jackie and I immediately Dropped the F Bomb...Take a Listen...I'm An Idiot... Jake and Jackie Have A Great Show on 92.3 Free FM(New York) even if they aren't Spanish. Listen to it.


At 3:46 PM, Blogger Mo! said...

Favorite part: "Don't Shoot Your Publicity Picture in the Parking Lot of Your Radio Station"

I work in the same building as a radio station -- they don't use dj's anymore, they just have a recorded voice, like jack radio.

Read: American DJ's don't only suck, they are obsolete

At 3:49 PM, Blogger Mo! said...

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At 12:13 AM, Blogger sabatkes said...

wow! There is only one spanish station on the FM up here. The rest are on AM. Going to check it out. Sounds kinda neat.

At 6:30 PM, Anonymous David said...


the Z Monring Zoo Parody of Cheers IS 10 years old, they play it rarely and as a goof. the show does a lot more than that. A lot of really good radio. Really good comedy. but hey, I've seen you at UCB many times. What would you know about comedy! :)

At 6:31 PM, Anonymous David said...

Check out our parody page at Really, I know you were poking fun, but the songs that I write are really pretty good.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger Paul said...

No Disrepect, I was Just Finding Pictures that Suited My Point. I actually haven't heard the Parody Songs. I'll listen.


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