Wednesday, January 11


After watching King Kong, I left theater thinking two things, "Who is this King Kong? And Why Isn't He Working More?"

In the last 73 Years he's only done 3 Films. That's Ridiculous! Especially for someone with such excellent range, he can be the Tough Guy, The Love Interest, The Mysterious Stranger, The Quiet Guy, and with the Lack of any Visible Gentilia he can be a post op-transexual looking for his long lost son (Suck on that Felicity Huffman).

But Time and Time again he's typecast as a "The Giant Gorilla" that is captured brought to New York and then is killed by the Army. Granted he does it well, but c'mon this just another example of Hollywood being biased against casting 25 Foot Gorillas. Sure there are the famous incidents where on the set of Scarface when a Giant Gorilla captured Michelle Pheiffer and took her to his lair in the wooded areas of Orange County or the time a Giant Gorilla and Johnny Depp Destroyed a a Hotel in New York and the subsquently thatsame Gorilla captured Kate Moss and Brought her to the top of the Chysler building and some people even mention the Coke Bottle incident but that is just hearsay. What I'm saying is, don't let a few rotten apples spoil the bunch and I'm not talking about Apples, I'm talking about gorillas

When are the Gorillas going to get the Good Roles? I want to see King Kong as Gordon Gecko in Wall Street or how about Kong playing both parts in Brokeback Mountain. He Can do it, he just needs the chance...Hollywood, The Ball is in your court!

What Roles Do You Want to See Kong In?

(By the Way Big Thanks to sammö ka-blammö on MYspace for Doing that Awesome Photoshop, after i realized Photoshop is Hard)


At 2:02 AM, Blogger carney said...

King Kong's Big Adventure

Poor li'l Kong gets his bike stolen. Was it the local bully? Or the Communists? Sit back and enjoy the epic Journey that brings Kong from the Alamo to Universal...CLASSIC!

At 10:31 PM, Anonymous ethan frome said...

Why don't you get your own material Paul Scheer? The Soup did that tasteless brokeback mountain/king kong joke in December.

If you're going to mock a movie, make it a bad one next time.

At 11:56 PM, Blogger Andy Hunter said...

How about Kong in a Breakfast Club remake? I know you're thinking John Bender, but what about Brian? Seriously, what about Brian? Like when he has to admit he's still a virgin to Claire.

At 3:54 PM, Blogger Andy Hunter said...

Actually, I was a little to conservative with that last suggestion. I think even better would be sort of a Victor Victoria thing where he would actually play Claire. And then at the end he can take of the wig and everyone will be like "Oh my God! It's a giant gorilla! He's incredible! Bravo!! Bravo!!"

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous robbinbanks said...

King Kong checks in for Dunsten.


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