Saturday, January 28

Paul Scheer Blog: Larry King Edition

Larry King Used To Write A Column for USA Today, That Basically Was A Collage of Thoughts Without Any Real Focus...In the Spirit of Larry, I present Basically The Same Thing.
  • When People Send Me Internet Videos That Don't End in Physical Violence or Profanity, I'm Kinda Dissapointed.
  • Does the WB Think I'm Stupid? Do They Not Think That I Realized They Switched The Host From Last Year's "Beauty and the Geek" to This New Dude. Shame on You!
  • Are Danny and Melinda From the Real World: Austin Still Together, I Hope So.
  • Sometimes the Saved Shows on My Tivo Make Me Feel More Embarrassed Than Being caught by my Parents with Porn.
  • "Miss Misery" by Elliott Smith isn't a Good Wedding Song.
  • I Like to Think That Anne Hathaway's Character in Brokeback Mountain is an Alternate Reality version of her Character from Princess Diaries if she didn't go to Genovia.
  • Do People Still Play Dungeons and Dragons?
  • I've Been Doing A Show at UCB Theater in LA called "Trapped in The Closet"....We Had A Special Guest (Below)...He Liked To Drink Beer.

  • Neil Diamond is Perfect for Karaoke, Because it's Ironic Yet Earnest.
  • I'd Like to See a Man Fight and Elephant.
  • Out of the 25 Films Entertainment Weekly Recommends to See Before Oscar Night, I've seen 3.
  • I Don't Know How to Match Ties With Shirts.
  • Doesn't Anyone Do Long Form Division Anymore?
  • America Is in Need of a New Catchphrase (ie "Show Me The Money", "I'll Be Back",etc..)
  • Here Are Some Awesome Links To Things That I've Really Enjoyed Lately
It's Hal From 2001: A Space Odyssey Meets Your Ipod

Best Blog on the Internet

How Much Does Your Waitress Hate You!

I Like This, Probably a Little Too Much

Much to My Surprise, You Can Download a Podcast of "The Best Of Jake and Paul on K-Rock" on iTunes just Search for Paul Scheer in Podcast....I Have No Idea How to Link To This.


At 2:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I still play D&D. Demons are about to overrun the city of Krusk as we speak!

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Andy Hunter said...

I believe it was Stephen Colbert who suggested as America's catchphrase "F*ck you, what are you gonna do about it?"

Actually that was his Republican slogan, but it works pretty good.

At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Best of Jake and Paul on K-Rock


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