Monday, February 6

Behind the Scenes of Illusionators and An Archived iTunes Radio Podcast

Tonight Illusionators Debuts in New York City at Crash Test. This is the second short put out by Human Giant (Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, Jason Woliner and Myself) and we are all really excited about it. To further wet your appetite here are some Behind the Scenes Tidbits about "Illusionators" .

1.) Illusionators was Shot in Las Vegas, New York, Hollywood, and Acient Mesopotamia.

2.) Aziz, Jason, and I got into a Fight with a Las Vegas Hertz Rental Agent at 3AM in the Morning Because We Wanted a Ford Taurus and not a Ford Escort.

3.) When We Were in our Costumes on the Las Vegas Strip Aziz and I were Called "Faggots" and upward of 70 Times in One Hour.

4.) Las Vegas Afternoon Magician and Millionaire Magazine's Magician of the Year Rick Thomas , speaks in the 3rd Person and would not let us his "Cats" for a Dramatic Scene, I believe he said, "Rick Thomas' Cats go with Rick Thomas"

4.) During One Scene in Illusionators I had a 103 Temp.

5.) The Film used NOT 1 But 2 Feral Burrows.

6.) The Entire Production was Fueled by In N Out Burger (They have a Secret Menu. I now order everything Animal Style)

7.) The Original name of Illusionators was MindFuckers.

8.) At Every Viewing Someone in the Audience will Die!

My Friend Jake Fogelnest did an archival podcast preserving radio history this week when he posted a bunch of radio shows we did on NYC's 92.3 K-Rock...The Guests during this week included Ben Lee (Rockstar), Sarah Silverman (Jesus is Magic), Rob Corrdry (Daily Show), Rob Riggle (SNL), Samantha Ronson, Matt Walsh (UCB), Andrew Secunda (Creator of Love Inc.), and Rob Huebel (Inconsiderate Cellphone Guy). Pop it on your iPod and Listen Commercial Free and without Music

Click Here For The iTunes Version
Click Here For The BlogSpot Version

Also Check out Jake and Jackie on 92.3 Free FM every Mon-Thursday 10PM-2AM in NYC. I normally call in about once a week (and if you don't live in NYC you can stream from the FREE FM Site)


At 3:24 PM, Anonymous crystal said...

man you are so fantasiticly awesome! I can't satnd how much I love you! hehehe.
crystaL (who is not a stalker)

At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are all truly awesome.

-natalie (who is a stalker)

just joshin'!


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