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I'll admit it, the last few episodes of Lost have been slightly...lackluster. Now don't get me wrong, they are not Desperate Housewives: Season 2 Bad, they've just been lacking all the kickass mystery stuff that causes fans like myself to learn hieroglyphics in hopes of deciphering what the F is going on!

Embarrassingly Enough, I'm apart of Multiple Lost Email Groups and Heated Fan Discussions, So Here's What You've Might Have Missed From the Last 2 Episodes:

First Let's Go Back to "The Long Con", when Sawyer sat down to a lunch
with his partner.
The waitress who came over to take their order was....none other than Kate's mother from the episode "What Kate Did".(Which totally proves my theory that Kate's Mother might be an undercover FBI agent disquised as a truckstop waitress on a sting mission to bust con men but tha'ts just a theory.)

Now Let's get down to Business, Last Week's Episode...It was Awesome!

First things 1st, this falls into the category of "cute." The 'Other' that Danielle caught in last said his name was Henry Gale and that he arrived on the island in a balloon. Seems simple enough until you realize that Henry Gale is the name of Dorothy's uncle in the 'Wizard of Oz'. And of course, a hot air balloon was supposed to be how Dorothy was to leave Oz and get back to Kansas. (Am I reaching?)

Also the military guy who was looking at the picture was Kate's dad, and the photo was of a young Kate. (Personally I'm bummed that Kate's Dad clearly doesn't remember Sayid, because if he did, when Kate came into his office a few episodes ago and Sayid was on the TV, he might have said something like, "Sssh! Baby, Hold on a Sec. I know you killed your stepfather and I haven't seen you for years but Holy Shit look at that dude on the TV. See him! (Kate nods) I totally hung with him when he tortured some dudes in Iraq. Man, those were good times! Whoa. Now back to you. What's your story?")

Now on the good stuff...The Clock went down to ZERO! Then this Popped Up
Yikes on Bikes! What Does that Mean?

Someone Smart Says,"I think it’s just “die”. The word underlined twice is the meaning or definition of that group of 5 symbols. The words preceding “die” are abbreviations used to explain the syntax of the hieroglyphics. i.e. its usage. A ‘noun’ or a ‘verb’ or ‘or ‘declaration’ or what have you." See Below:

(So technically it's "Cause to Die")

Also if You Wonder About those Weird Whispers From Earlier Episodes, Someone Has Decoded Them:

1. Before Ana Lucia shoots Shannon: "Shannon, she likes the guy, she likes the guy. Shannon, your life and time is up. Help me. Meet me on the other side. Her song. ... I don't think you should tell her when she comes ... Who's the guy? Fire Lucia. The brothers that help us. Are you done with it? Her song."
2. When Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko are in the jungle: "Who's this in the woods? Sawyer, Ana. I'm in someone's dream. Ich weiss nicht (German for "I don't know"). She's heavy. Black rock. Bring the boy."
(Just Reading Those Transcripts Freaks Me Out)Now while Questions Keeping getting Answered on LOST, "Freddie", keeps throwing us curveballs, like who Freddie should choose when it comes down between two women he finds irresistible. While Freddie is excited about Rose, who is fun and impulsive like him, he's also charmed by Denise's caring heart and sensitivity. However, when these women learn that he's dating both of them, will either want to stay? I Don't Know! What to Make of these Clues. Could it Be That Freddie Takes Place in a Alternate Reality or Maybe he's apart of a Sociology Experiment conducted by Brian Austin Green, Please STOP TEASING ME! I need Answers!


At 3:42 PM, Blogger somethingfresh said...

If you’re like me that most of the time you comment on past entries that rarely ever get read. It’s something I like to do and I think today’s comment if very relevant.

I just read the ‘Lost’ Findings article on in which Jeff Jensen solves the show. It’s a bunch of crap because it can’t be that easy. Or maybe it is and we’re all suckers. I’d prefer to think not, so check it out…


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