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The Telluride Ski Patrol Returns the to 7th Annual Telluride Comedy Festival

From the Cover of Monday's Telluride Gateway ...."Tomfoolery was at an all-time high Saturday night at the Sheridan Opera House when comedians Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer took the stage as Brody and Gary, two overly testosteroned ski patrollers that knew stretching was the key to a safe descent down the slopes. Photo by Drew Ludwig"

Unfortunately the local paper got it wrong. That isn't Rob Huebel and I. We became very sick due to the High Altitude and were forced to leave the hosting responsibilitiues of our Show to Brody BroStein and Gary Ann St. Clair, Two of Telluride's Most Attractive and Ridiculously Jacked Up Ski Patrol Members. Huebel and I planned on showing Short Films and doing some Sketch Comedy but instead Brody and Gary used the show to demonstrate their karate skills, talk about how much they get laid, and generally curse at the audience.

We also were very dissapointed to hear that they even took our sponsor "Telluride Hottubs & Spas" and refused to read the commercials that had prewritten for us but instead created new commercials in which they advocated the great features of "Telluride Hottubs" like having sex in them them and being able to kill someone you dislike in one and making it look like an accident. Needless to say our sponsor was pissed. but what can you say to two guys who claimed to have slept with Michelle Kwon, Geraldine Ferraro, Barbara Bush, Billy Jean King, That Girl from the "Take on Me" Video and Clay Aiken.

They ended the show by taking some time to offer some suggestions on how to make the Telluride Mountain more kickass by renaming some of Telluride's Favorite Slopes. Here's a Partial List.

Cake Walk Becomes Deathmarch
Butterfly Becomes Grizzly Attack
Dew Drop Becomes Pissing Match
Galloping Goose Becomes Cancer
Lower Galloping Goose Becomes Ball Cancer
Little Maude Becomes Crack Whore
The Meadows Becomes Nagaski

Hopefully next year we'll be able to take back the stage from these Guys.


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