Monday, March 27

Before You Watch Lost This Week Check This Out....

Okay, This Week's Episode of Lost Looks To Be Not Only "Shocking" But Also "Revealing"...I Know This Because The Promo at the End of Last Week's Episode Told Me So.

Thanks to Some Awesome Websites,, I Have Found Some Amazing New Pictures and Links. I've Boiled Down Them Down to Best of The Bunch And Put them Here For Easy Viewing.

First Of All Check Out a New Dharma Film That Has Been Floating around on the Internet, it's Kinda Slow but it gets good at the End.

Now it's Time Once Again For Some WTF? Pictures.

Is Henry Gale an Other? From Last week's Promo it looks like they find his balloon but is it just an elaborate trap, like Henry suggested? Close examination of Bone Structure Might be our only clue in figuring this one out, take a look and wonder till Wednesday.

I call this one, "Dude on the Plane with Castaways...Dude on the Boat with the Others". Yeah it's The same Dude. If this is true then Dharma is definitely behind the crash and perhaps one might wonder did the plane ever crash at all, this could be an elaborate experiment. But Still so many questions.
While I love posting pictures of the now deceased Shannon, this isn't about her, check out the foreground. Mr. Friendly was on the plane too...Holy Shit! This is getting Really Good! This also blows away all the skeptics who believe that the writer's don't have an over arching story and that they are writing the mythology as they go.

More Soon.......


At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Mateo said...

Holy Shit! This is almost as confusing as trapped in the closet!

At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Alicia said...

you just blew my mind a little bit.


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