Thursday, March 16

My 2006 SXSW Photo Blog - Day 1 (3/15/06)

I'm here in SXSW with Best Week Ever Shooting Some Segments for the Show and For The BWE Blog and So Far it's Been Awesome. In the Past 48 Hours I've Slept for 4 Hours, I've Had too Much Tequilla and I've seen More Live Shows Then I've Seen in the Last Year.

But Instead of Me Yapping About It...Here Some Pictures From Day 1:

This is Called a Turbo...It's Made of Sausage, Brisket, Fritos, Beans, BBQ Beef and Covered in Special Sauce...I Ate This...I'm Ashamed! I can't imagine how many Cows Died for My Indigestion.

In The Same Restaurant that Serves the Turbo, There is also a Bullet Lodged in Wall From When a Jealous Wife Went to this Establishment to Kill Her Husband, She Got one Bullet in His Leg and the Other in this Lovely Paneling.

Here's Tapes n' Tapes They Are Totally the New Artic Monkeys...These Guys are Awesome and They Are Great Live! They are going to be big, make them your Myspace Friends now before they Blow up bigger than Dane Cook!

Finally There isn't Much to Say about this Next Pictue but just to reiterate their Slogan, "Austin's Only Adult Seafood Bar!" Finally I can eat my Shellfish peace. No longer will I be judged by the watchful eye of a nosy second grader.

Time For Sleep!


At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul, what restaurant is this at? I live in Austin and have yet to come across this insanity!

At 2:00 PM, Blogger Paul said...

It's Called BERTS (I Think)


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