Tuesday, March 14

Overhead at the LA Kings Game

Last Week I Went to a LA Kings Game, This was the Conversation that Went on Behind Me

Int. Staples Center-Saturday Afternoon

Deep in the 3rd Period, with Less Than 5 Minutes Left to Go, in a Really Close Game a Loud Guy Sitting Alone Behind Me Answers His Cellphone.

Loud Over Annunciating Dude
Cheryl, baby, don't worry your precious face about about it. I'll bring the wine tonight....I'll just pull something from my cellar, yeah I just had it redone, it's lovely, lovely, temperature controlled. We're Having Duck Tonight Right? Perfect. I Got a Great Cab (Note: Short for Cabernet), it's Really Delightful it has a great Fruity Afterburn...

A Referee Makes a Bad Call.

Loud Dude
(Screaming at Ref) You Cocksucker! (Back to Phone) No, No, Not You. Look If You Want a Pinot, I'll Bring it. But I'll tell you this Cab goes Better with Duck and you don't want to miss this cab baby (Shouting at Ref) You Fucking Idiot. (Re: Phone) Ha, No Not You. Okay, let me go. I want to beat the Traffic.

He Gets up and Leaves, With 3 Minutes left in the Game. But Not Before Yelling, "KINGS!"

Sometimes I Forget I Live in LA, but it's Conversations like These That Help Remind Me.

By The Way, I'm Going to Be in Austin, TX all this week for SXSW. Fellow Human Giant, Aziz Ansari and will be hosting the Stereogum Show on Thursday with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists(Unfortunately it's all Sold Out)and I'll also be shooting bits for Best Week Ever around Town with Morningwood.

If there are Any Places I Have to Definitely Check out in Austin Leave it in the Comment Section.


At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats awesome. kings games are great for witnessing people like that. i sorta dug it more when it was og at the forum but now that its at the staples center its very upper upper. *say with clenched jaw

hope to see you soon at ucb for myspace!
your myspace friend



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