Monday, March 20

SXSW Blog Video Edition

Here Are 3 Clips From Some of the Crazier Shows I Saw on Saturday...

First Up Peelander Z, You've Seen The Pictures on My Blog, Now Experience 10 Seconds of Their Music..This Band Was So Hard Core That the Venue Tried to Kick Them Out and Not Let Them Perform But they Played Anyway. No One Could Get Them Off Stage.

Besides Having the Audience Play Their Instruments They Also Do Human Bowling, Don't Believe Me, Watch!

Beatle Bob, is a fixture at Music Festivals, He Has a Beatle Haircut and he Loves to Rock Out. This is the 3rd Time I've Seen Him and He's Always Dancing on the Side of the Stage Dressed Very Nicely. But This is the 1st Time I've seen him invited up on Stage to Do he Stuff and it was amazing! (FYI The Sound on This is Terrible)

Stay Tuned For Some More BEST WEEK EVER Web Pieces From SXSW. I'll Be Milking My Trip for All it's Worth.

*Also on a Side Note Doe Anyone Know how to Calibrate a Digital Camera So you can take Pictures of Moving Things in the Dark, it looks so good on my video screen then when I snap the Picture it looks Awful (with the Flash it's Too Bright, Without the Flash it's Too Dark)


At 2:59 AM, Blogger Rachael Mason said...

Beatle Bob!
Having worked at just about every rock bar/club in NYC at one time or another I have had many encounters with this dude.

He has been around FOREVER (meaning at least 15 years). Most conversations I have had with him have consisted of him slurring and cursing and then dancing wildly to whatever music happens to be playing at the moment. I have always been curious as to what this guy does for a living as he is always very fashionable and clearly has money to go to every show in town and get wasted every night of the week.

I am glad to see he shares the wealth with other rock clubs and festivals around the country.

At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beatle Bob doesn't get wasted.

He dances stone cold sober.

He is from St Louis. Just caught him dancing Saturday night at the Blue October/People in Planes concert.

At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ozomatli have a song with him on it on their cd.

Guided by Voices made a video with him in it. Check it out:

Scroll down to 'My kind of Soldier'


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