Sunday, March 19

SXSW Photo Journal Day 4 (Saturday- March 18th, 2006)

My Last Day of SXSW Could Quite Possibly Be The Best...

I Know SXSW is all about Music, But Let's Take A Moment to Get Excited about Film, More Specifically "Snakes on a Plane." Don't Let this Be next year's Brokeback Mountain. Academy Voters This Movie Can't Be Denied.

Here We Are with Morningwood. They did so well at the Festival, The Mayor of Music Gave Them their Own River Boat. Not Since The Doobie Brothers played Woodstock has that Happened.

By the Way, If you haven't seen Morningwood Yet, Go! But Beware They Will Blow Your Ass Out (In a "Hard Rocking Way" not in a "maybe this was a sexual innuendo that I don't get way")

If you think you have Seen it All...Think Again. PEELANDER Z is Unreal. They Have Costumes, Sirens, Bowling, Nymphs That Climb From the Ceiling, and They Let The Audience Play Their Instruments and That was only in the 15 minute Show.

The Insanity Begins.

A Nymph!

Chances are if I'm wearing a Sailor's Hat and I'm Proud of it, I'm Drunk and I Was!

Tomorrow, I'll Have 2 Video Posts From SXSW

Here I Am With A Reader of My Blog...I Promised I Put it Up and Now I Did. See That I'm Not Such a Liar After All.


At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you Paul!! Here is a photo of us at Elysium for Princess Superstar!

At 2:04 PM, Blogger diana said...

Oh wow, will you look at that, you're not a liar after all!
Alright, so the amazing band you had juuuuust missed is Okkervil River, and you can download their lovely tunes here. You will love them, I swear it!


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