Thursday, April 20

The Best Album and Drink of 2006

Finally it is Here, Steven Seagal's Debut Album, Mojo Priest!
My Favorite Tracks are Gunfire in the Juke Joint and Talk to My Ass

When I'm Kicking Back in My Dojo Listening to the Smooth Rockabilly/Cajun Sounds of Mojo Priest I Like to Drink Me Some...Steven Seagal Lightning Bolt!

Steven Seagal claims that Lightening Bolt is made out of the Finest Herbs From His Garden which he then Strangles, Karate Kicks and Choke Holds until they are submissive enough to be put into each can.

It Also Comes in 2 Flavors...Cherry Charge and Asian Experience.
Wait! What?!!
Seriously How is That a Flavor?
Is Steven Saying that This Drink Could Shows you what it is like to see the World Through the Eyes of an Asian Person and if so isn't that a Little too Broad of an Experience? When I tasted it my "Asian Experience" was less of Soicology Experiment and more like drinking William Hung's Back Sweat.

Anyway, I Do Love the Steven Seagal's Energy Drink, Because You Drink it and You Can Totally Kick Ass For Like 10 Minutes and Then You Dissapear For 10 Years.
It's a Price I'm Willing to Pay For The Energy Od SEAGAL!


At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Justin said...

I have two cold ones in my fridge for you next time you're in town...oh yeah!

At 6:43 PM, Anonymous halee said...

I know a guy who drank the Asian Experience energy drink...and look what happened!!!!

At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must've missed "Songs From The Crystal Cave" which was released in 2004 in France. They love The Seagal in France.

At 5:03 AM, Blogger Jimmy Jimson said...

Mojo priest, does he bless the potatoes at Shakey's? I sensed something deeply spiritual in the seasoned salt.


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