Tuesday, April 18

The Best New Teen Magazine

Young Ladies This is For You, Last Night I invited into a Focus Group for a New Female Teen Magazine...

YM, Cosmo Girl, Twist, and Elle Girl. Those Magazines are Bullshit!
This New Magazine Tells it like it is, It's Called YB! or Young Bitch!

The Focus Group was Hosted by Jonathan Gordon Taylor Lyle Joseph Harnett Williams and William Billy Scott Dave Marc Paul Mackey Jr...And These Guys know what Girls Want and the first thing is Long Names!

They also Loaded us up with some amazing facts:
Did you know that 75% of Girls Between the Ages of 10 and 15 are in Jail?...Yup, It's A Fact!
(Jonathan Gordon and William Billy Told Us we Could Believe Them our Waste our Lives Spending time on The Internet Trying to Prove Them Wrong, I Just Opted to Believe Them.)

Since this is the 1st Female Teen Magazine Run Exclusively By Men, They Aren't Afraid to Pull Punches, Check out Some of the Articles in This Month's Issue..

And My Personal Favorite...

They Also Gave Us Documented Proof That:
Chad Michael Murray is a Rapist
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Beats Up Down Syndrom Children
Joseph Gordon Levitt Started the Aids Virus as a Joke

Plus They Gave Helpful Tips to Young Girls, in an Impromtu Q&A Session:

Q: I'm only 18 and My Boyfriend is in College, He Keeps Pressuring Me To Have Sex, I Love Him But I'm Not Sure I'm Ready. What Should I Do?

A: Duh! Have Sex with Him. Do You Know How Many Girls Would Kill to Be in Your Position?

Overall, it was a Really Revealing Night, So Make Sure You Pick up Your Issue of YB on Newstands Soon!


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