Monday, April 24

Goodbye Neighbor....

Yesterday was a Sad Day in My Apartment Complex. My Next Store Neighbor Moved out.

Good Old 617 will Never Be The Same.
I Never Knew His Name, I always called him, "The Angry Guy".

He Was The Type of Guy Who You Never Wanted to Be Stuck in an Elevator With,
A Man Who You Always Thought Might Take a Swing at You For No Reason at All.
A Guy Who Kicked The Elevator Door When it Was Too Slow
Banged His Head into the Wall When He Forgot Something In His Apartment,

A Guy Who Hated Fire Exit Signs:

He Also Hated Walls and When The Door Wouldn't Stay Open, He Always Would Show That Wall Who Was Boss.
Did I Mention He Hated Fire Exit Signs...
Mainly He was a Guy who Let Actions Speak Louder Than Words...Goodbye Angry Smoking Guy, I'll Miss You and Your Always Shockingly White Sneakers!


At 5:14 AM, Blogger Jimmy Jimson said...

you'll be glad he left when your life insurance rates go down.

Hasta la vista, looney.

Maybe in his travels he'll find your daughter. Thanks for the free smiles bro


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