Thursday, May 11

Andrew WK is On MySpace and I'm Psyched!

While I'm Compiling My Thoughts on Last Night's Lost, I Want to Take This Time to Talk About My Other Great Obsession...Andrew W.K.

A Few Weeks Ago I Went to See Andrew WK at the Knitting Factory and Just When You Think You've Figured Out the Party-Rock God, He Goes and Performs a Classical Music Set with only a Baby Grand Piano and A Neon Light, That Reads "Party Hard". Suck it Mozart!

Now People Always Ask Me Why I Love Andrew W.K . It's hard to explain but I think his 1st Blog Post on MySpace Totally Sums it Up...

"Is depression a lack of imagination?" - ANDREW W.K.

In other words...

Is disliking an object, idea, or experience, to the point of anxiety and unrest, the result of unnecessary adherence to particular subjective points of view, which, when altered or abandoned, would otherwise provide the observer with a more enjoyable interaction with the object, idea, or experience? This is not to ask if adhering to preferences and positions is unreasonable or bad all the time, but it asks that when these preferences and positions are used to interact with arbitrary, surface information in a way which causes mental collapse, does it call for a re-evaluation of one's own ideas and habits of thought? If the liberal application of imagination can provide a more colorful and effective experience, despite it differing greatly from the initial opinion, how can one question the legitimacy of the altered perception or the resulting happiness? How are these sensations any less valid than a less "rose-colored" point of view?

In other words...

Should we strive to eliminate our own opinions, assumptions, and sense of individuality from the experience of the tactile and sensual outer-world IF clinging to those ideas causes us anxiety, strife, or unhappiness inside our inner-world? Are we to "like" or "dislike" everything? With imagination we can at least examine the other possibilities that we might not otherwise experience in keeping with our own selves or beliefs, and with this we can reconsider our own original position and either abandon it or confirm it, or do something beyond either choice. What would that choice be?

Your Friend,

Andrew W.K.

Do I know exactly what he means?
But I Dare You Not To Like Him After That.

If I Haven't Lost You Yet, Check Out This Great AWK Interview on Jonesy's Jukebox
Steve Jones Interviews AWK


At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will accept that dare. I've never had any strong negative reaction to Mr. WK- until I read the above boring, pretentious rambling.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger eyun said...

People who don't get AWK are just taking him at face value and understanding the essence of Andrew. For me, the song/video Never Let Down is what the Andrew is all about.

The Steve Jones interview is great.


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