Monday, May 15

Don't Kill Marissa Cooper!

Many rumors are going around the net that the OC’s own Marissa Cooper might die in this week’s season finale of The OC and I say…C’MON, GIVE HER A BREAK!

We can’t lose Marissa. She’s the ultra troubled and perfectly cute core of The OC. If she goes who will Ryan, Summer, and Seth go rescue from a deadly weekend in Tijuana or help kick alcoholism without the help of pesky doctors or clinics? More importantly whom is Ryan going to fall in and out of love with 7 times a year?

For The last 3 years we’ve seen Marissa through some tough times, she’s been through a divorce, break-ups, lesbianism, accidents, countless boyfriends, and varying degrees of high school popularity, but that was nothing compared to this year.

Since September Marissa Cooper had a streak of bad luck it that would make even Michael Jackson, say “Yikes!” But she keeps coming back more! She’s like a punching bag with good hair and designer clothes. Let’s recap, this season started with Marissa recovering from almost being raped by Trey, her boyfriend’s ex-convict brother, who was like an ambercombie&fitch model with a coke habit. Then she shot and almost killed Trey in cold blood, but you can’t fault her for that, I mean who hasn’t done something like that during Junior Year in High School? It’s a rite of passage, that and drinking a whole case of Zima and declaring “Check Me out, Y’all”.

As her Junior year in High School starts not only does she lose her social chair (shit-balls!) but she’s also expelled from Harbor High School, by a Dean who likes to have sex with underage girls, but that’s a whole different plotline. Now she’s forced to go to public school, where they don’t even have a Starbucks on school grounds (So Blue Collar!). But it’s all good because her parents are getting back together, right? Wrong! That’s not going to happen because her father mysteriously leaves town, leaving the family broke. WTF! Things get worse when her reformed slutty/deceptive mother moves into a trailer park, but not the kind that MTV visits as part of a reality show with Mandy Moore, this is a real crappy one and doesn’t tell Marissa

Back at public school Marissa meets up with Johnny, a real nice guy, think Ryan from Season 1 but with a penchant for surfing instead of fighting. She kinda likes him but she won’t admit that to herself UNTIL Johnny gets hit by a car. This wrecks his surfing career and Marissa feels guilty,

“Damn you Marissa. Why Must you wreck everyone’s life?!”

Anyway, the injured Johnny is way better than they active one. Marissa becomes Florence Nightingale with a Versace thermometer and drugged up Johnny is like “I Love You” and Marissa is like “No! Not going to Happen”. Johnny is crushed but rebounds quickly by dating Marissa’s much younger sister (not cool dude) who is home from boarding school because she grifted money from a fraternity and she needs to hide. Since when did The OC become West Coast Sopranos.

Now Marissa is still dating Ryan, but she realizes her true feelings when she gets jealous watching her sister dirty dance with Johnny at a birthday party, “No one puts Marissa in a corner!’ Marissa tries to tell Johnny her true feelings but she’s too late because Johnny drunkenly falls off a cliff, now her teen angst has a body count. She of course is implicated in the death, because he fell with her rejection letter in his hand, talk about melodrama, this is Shakespeare Light.

At this point, Ryan has had enough and he dumps Marissa. Marissa is alone and who does she run too? The enemy of her almost boyfriend (Johnny), this evil dude Volchek, duh? And you thought Lost was complicated! This guy Volchek gets her high and has reckless sex with her. He’s a bad influence and Marissa starts doing bad stuff, like throwing away her college acceptance letter.

Marissa is in a downward spiral, now she should be happy because her mom has moved out from the trailer park and gots engaged to her best friend’s dad (For those keeping count that’s the 3rd husband for Marissa’s Mom in 3 Years) but she isn’t. Then in between commercial breaks Marissa turns her life around. She dumps Volchek, goes to her college weekend, has a great time and then realizes that she’ll never succeed anywhere, again I really don’t know why. She goes back to Volcheck, she asks him to the prom. While their Volchek makes out with another girl, his excuse, boredom, that dude is ballsy. He also steals $5000 from the Prom Committee chairman. How many signs does she need to realize this dude is bad news? Anyway Marissa deals with all of this the only way she knows how, getting drunk on a bottle of Tequila on a Pier. Classy.

Just when you think it’s too much pressure and Marissa will break under the weight of her hectic 9 months, she goes back to her fun loving ways and pretends to be a British stripper to help her sister get a secret school document. Now, I don’t know if that’s a bad thing but I think if pretending to be a stripper is your 1st plan you probably have see some serious shit going on in your life and she has. Now this week, it’s graduation and she’s been through a lot, I hope this week we find out that she has a bomb in head and it explodes as she gets her diploma. That would be the only fitting end to the OC’s troubled sweetheart.

So whenever you start feeling bad for yourself, stop for a second and realize that you don’t have it nearly as bad as Marissa Cooper. In 9 months she’s had more Drama than every Law and Order episode and their spin offs combined.

So I Beg You Josh Schwartz don’t kill Marissa. She’s Responsible for all the good stuff in the show and without her you just have a bunch of rich kids listening to Interpol and Yes I'd still watch but I wouldn't be as excited about it.


At 11:37 PM, Blogger Rockrezzy said...

Cha dude marissa is pretty much dead if u havent watched the episode last nite which i think is really fucked up i mean c'mon if marissa wants to end her carrer then the show minus well go with her i mean why should they still have it half the reason why people watch the show is to see the love connection between marissa and Ryan and well now thats gone and sooner or later the show will be to

At 1:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

o god the best character on the show is killed that makes no sence i love marissa b/c she holds the show together and its gonna be horrible without her thats like killing off rachel on friends!!!
pleade dear god bring marissa back and make it so that she was just in a coma or sumthing we need and want marissa to stay on the show!!

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe Marissa is going to die..well has died i am from and we still have 4 eps to go!! I love the OC but it will not be the same I wont watch it! the truth is the main reason we people watched the OC was because we still hoped Ryan & Marissa would get back together!! Please someone post detail by detail how she dies!! Does ryan cry?? Does she say she loves him?? PLEASE I HAVE 2 WAIT FOuR MORE WEEKS! I know Mischa wants to further her career! But how rude doesnt she have a decacation 2 her fans it wont be the same!! I am boycotting watching any mischa barton movies. To me she will always be marissa or Mischa Barton bytach! Who quit the OC!

At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please people have some sence. Marissa was the worst (thats right i said it) character on O.C. If i had to watch her wine, find another self destructive boyfriend or pick up one more "habit" i would of ran her off the road myself. Her kid sister had more style. Her mother was more intersesting. And Summer is so much hotter than that cheeze ball. anyway just putting in my 2 sence.

At 1:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marissa finally did something kind and decided to die. I am overjoyed that this sack heap of issues is gone. Great job on the recap of what's happened to her this year- you make it sound more interesting than it actually was.

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SAVE MARISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sign the petition and spread the word!

At 6:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG WE HAVE TO SAVE MARISSA COOPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if we dont, we will be doomed 4 ever!! i swear!!! omg!! I AM A HUGE I MEAN HUGE fan of the o.c i have watched it from the beginning, now thanx 4 all those fans who luv the o.c as much as i do... BUT THE PPLZ WHO WANT HER OFF THE SHOW.....U SUCK!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! if marissa Dies that should be the end of the show!!WE NEED HER....u know why?? BECAUSE REMEMBER LAST YEARS EPISODE where Marissa shot Trey??? WELL IF IT WASNT FOR HER......RYAN WOULD OF DIED!!!!!!! now DO U O.C MARISSA COOPER HATERS WANT HER BACK ON THE SHOW??? i think u will (after i finsh this comment)...i mean i know PLENTY of o.c lovers...they r completely OBBSESSED with the SHOW!! they would eat dirt to be on the show... THEY WOULD DO ANYTHING!!! ..........ANyway.......,. well IF MARISSA DIES....why would RYAN EVEN WANT TO LIVE!!!! OR Marissa's Mum or Dad?? OR SUMMER AND SETH?? they would Fall Apart....i mean they cant live without her....shes the one that gives you a hot choclate when ur not feeling well, a hug when ur upset.....NOW WHO WILL RYAN HUG OR GET A HOT CHOCLATE FROM???? (WELL he could hug himself..but that would be just totally WEIRD....and he can make himself a Hot Choc, but other ppl make them nicer when they make it 4 u) SOOOOOO AND REMEMBER WHEN Marissa took those Drugs/Pain Killers (wateva they were) and she nearly Died??? Well When Ryan Attwood saw her in that alley... WELL HE WAS UPSET...and he looked like he actually had some Pain Killers himself, he looked that bad... and he hadnt really known her for that long (well u can just imagine what hes gunna look like if Marissa does DIE!!)AND WHEN Marissa and Ryan finally made Love 2 each other.....(ON THE BEACH..... in a groovy lil' shack)he fell even more in Love with her each day....i Think Even when they first talked 2 each other.........AND another thing......!!!....., When they first met each other... what did they say????? they said
Marissa: "Who Are You?"
Ryan: "Whoever you want Me To be".
Now that sentence changed everything and everyone forever... Because Marissa changed him, from his Bad boy ways...and he became a nice good guy..So take a long hard think about it......Do you really want Marissa to go, Josh scwartz and non Marissa fans?? well i sure no i dont,
In my Opinion, Marissa has been the Best Character on The O.C*

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't they make up a story tha she is actualy in coma like the bigining of season 3 she is not dead actualy she in a coma.
So the story can continue and by the middle ore the end of season 4 she wakes up.
And Ryan and will be on is life but a new girlfrend but when marissa wakes up o it is shit time like in season 2 when ryan comes back.
this way yhey whont lose a carecter , money ore audiences.
sory fore my inglish

At 1:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With out Marissa what happends to the OC? You might as well pack your bags & leave.

Ryan needs Marissa in his life, so does every one else.

At 1:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay How about this, Marissa & Ryan get out of the vehicle from the accident, Ryan calls for help & Marissa is rushed to hospital.

She is then in acoma, but she wakes up later, the only person she wants to see is Ryan, the true love happens all over again, its Fate.

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous MaxJuniorGal said...

Guys Mischa Barton is a movie star & a model now... she was getting way too expensive. Would you rather just have Marissa on the show or have all the drama and other kool stuff... please don't be upset I know what happens in the 4th season... IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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its justa TV show!
ur all filthy whores!
go fuck ur mum
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At 12:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BRING MARISSA BACK!!! OC SEASON 4 is useless without MArissa!

At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

time for an OC remake


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