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The Lost Season 2 Finale…What You Missed!

Wow! I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin! It was Awesome! 2 Hours. 3 Cliffhangers. Tons of loose ends that were tied up and even more new confusing questions were asked. I have never wanted the summer to be over with so quickly I can't wait to get back to the crazy F@#$%ing Island and figure out what the hell is going.

While America was watching Taylor Hicks make Pleated Khakis look cool, I was watching Lost! Now since last night’s episode was so incredibly jammed packed with information, I’m going to focus of some cool stuff you might have missed and some of the new theories on the net about what they mean. If only I was so vigiliant in school.

Let’s start with things we know…

Last night tons of “Island Theories” were debunked, much to the chagrin of Lost nerds like myself. We now know that everything that happens on the island is happening in real time and not a time warp, they're not all dead, or on another planet. Which totally blows my Waterworld Theory, Dammit! I was positive that the Kevin Costner character “The Mariner” was going to make a cameo in Season 3.

We also know that Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on 09/22/04 and according to the show's timeline they’ve been on the island for roughly 67 days, which means that it is possible that “The Others” just wanted Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley over for Thanksgiving dinner but when they saw Hurley they realized they didn’t have enough food, so they sent him all away. Poor Hurley, first his lady gets shot then he can’t even eat Thanksgiving Dinner at the grown up table.

Last Night also had a ton of connections too..

Kelvin Inman (Clancy Brown) Desmond’s partner in the Hatch was also the guy who made Sayid tourture his boss at that military base (in an episode back in Feb.), but then his name was Joe Inman. Now that's interesting but even more interesting is why (in the Feb episode) did Joe also have a picture of Kate in his wallet, maybe Kate’s Dad isn’t her biological dad. Weird.

Secondly Elizabeth's (Libby's) late husband was named David. Hurley's imaginary friend was also named David. Hurley and Libby were in the psych hospital together. connection? Probably not but it’s still something to think about that while you are at work which will assure you from doing any real work done.

The Foot Statue...
One of the coolest images of the night was the huge foot statue that looked like something from The Simpsons. Maybe the whole island was built by Millhouse, in an attempt to trap Lisa. So far no one agrees with me but there is alot of argument over what exactly it means.

A Few months ago, I mentioned in my Blog that the hieroglyphics after the countdown ended spelt out “DEATH”. Now here’s basic Egyptian history lesson: Anubis was originally the main Egyptian God of the Underworld (aka Death), but as belief systems changed he took a backseat to Osiris. BUT Anubis has the head and tail of a jackal, but the body of a man. one of the most well-recognized egyptian artifiacts is a statue of Anubis found in Tutankhamun's tomb. This statue is notable because its feet only have 4 toes. Who needs college when you have google.

But Some people are saying that the foot is actually apart of larger Dragon and if you remember the invisible map on the back of the blast door (that Locke saw oh so many episodes ago) there was a lot of things written in latin, one of which read, "here be dragons."

So I don't know.

Here's Some Stufff You Might Have Missed....

My favorite part was when they were on the dock at the end, and Alex was lifting Kate up. Watch it, Alex Totally grabs Kate's boobs. take a look.

Wow! Dude, those others are pretty forward.

A ton of people assume the researchers in the artic station were Russian but they are actually speaking Portugese. So put that in your racist pipe and smoke it.

Also at the end when the two men are in the monitoring station and the computer starts to beep and reads "]:/ 7418880 Electromagnetic Anomaly Detected" - That 7418880 is the same number that you get when you multiply "4 x 8 x 15 x 16 x 23 x 42 = 7418880" –So what does that Mean?….I have no idea!

Then before the Sawyer, Jack, and Kate were attacked, we heard those weird whispers again and upon playback you can clearly hear them say, "Elizabeth".

Also That Weird Dinosaur Bird That Attacked Hurley is Similiar to the Weird Bird in the 1st Season Finale that Almost attacked Hurley on the way to blow up the Hatch. Maybe the Bird is some how looking out for him.

Check this out…The actor who played Widmore (The Guy Behind Sun's Pregnancy Test and the Balloon) also played Caleb on The O.C. and Libby (who is now widely believed to work for Widmore) gave Desmond a boat but when you look at the back of the boat you can see it’s from Newport Beach (The Town in the O.C.) Which proves my Theory that Peter Gallagher is Alvar Hanso.

Desmond's letters indicate that Penny was living in Knightsbridge, which is the same city that Lucy Heatherton was living in (Lucy is the girl that Charlie cons in Season 1 - ends up taking a job for her father's copier company).

Here's 1 New Thought for Next Season...

A few episodes ago, the Australian Fortune teller told Rose there are certain places in the world where it’s believed that the electromagnetic energy is so high it might cure disease, so now that the hatch blew up Rose might go back to dying and Locke might have to use his wheelchair again. So sad!

Okay, That's all For now...Till Next Season. The Lost Report Closes. Unless Something Really Good Happens!


At 1:35 AM, Blogger guido said...

Glad you appreciated the boob grab pic. I caught that totally by accident ... just happened to pause it there.

At 5:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I clocked the boat came from Newport Beach, and that the guy was from the O.C. Does not prove your theory about Charles Widmore being Alvar Hanso. I know you'd like to be the first to discover it, but the fact that Widmore's a big player in Dharma or Hanso Foundation, doesn't make him the chief guy by any means.

The numbers appear all over show, if the number on the screen was 7418880, so what? If they had to pick any number, of course they'd pick a variation on the numbers.

Got some good points, but don't get hung up on every little thing and over-interpretting it. Or saying you've proved stuff you havn't.

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Paul said...

I Think You Misread My Blog in a Few Places ...I Was Making a Joke That Peter Gallagher is Alvar Hanso. Peter Gallagher is the Father on the OC...Also as far as the Numbers, I didn't say they had any signifigance besides the fact that if you Multiple the Them that's the number the researchers found. I don't think I'm proving anything.

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

Dude Milhouse did not build the island. The guy who always says yes built to island.


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