Monday, May 8

Make-Outs, Gun Fights and Weird Phone Numbers

It’s Sweeps Week. So That Means Someone is Going to Get “It” and by “It” I mean Get Laid and Shot.

Why is it that every time someone on the island gets their groove on they are always getting shot? I guess Alvar Hanso hates “Doing the Bump”

So Here are My Thoughts From Last Night, “Holy Shit!” Ana Lucia is Dead! And Libby Might be too but Thank God Libby Had Those Blankets, I think they stopped the bullet.

Last Night's Episode was Pretty Straightforward, But by far the coolest Things was The Hanso Foundation Commercial. If You Missed it, Take a look Here.

Oh Man, I haven’t been this excited to call a number since I saw “Ghostbusters” and called the number on the commercial only to find out it that…. IT DIDN’T EXIST!

But Guess What? The Hanso Organization’s Telephone Number Works! But it’s confusing. I guess it’s supposed to be, because it also signals the start of the "Lost Online Game", Which Sounds Awesome....But I Also Know It’s going to be one of those things that I get really excited about initially and then I'll just lose interest in it 3 weeks into the game because it gets too hard, like that McDonald’s Monopoly Game

Anyway, Here’s a Step By Step Break Down of What I Learned and hopefully it will help you get started. First you have to call 877-HANSORG

It connects you to The Hanso Foundation information line. They recorded voice asks for your party’s extension try 815 (It’s The Oceanic Flight Number, Yeah I’m a Nerd) At First You’ll be put on Hold and hear a French hip-hop song by Geronimo Jackson (Sweet!), Interference will cut in and a woman’s voice will break in, seemingly pirating into the system, warning us about the Hanso Foundation, then babbling about entering the password a "Breaking String."

(Now if don’t want to enter 815, You Can Also Go the Scattershot Route and Enter a Bunch of Extensions and You’ll Hear Cool Things, apparently they are in Coppenhagen, probably right next to Haagen Daas Factory. If I Find out Alvar Hanson is behind My Butternut Praline, I’ll be Pissed!)

Next Log into Hanso Org Website. Go to the "sign up for newsletter" type in a screename ( I suggest something really nerdy but funny, like Locke’s Wheelchair)

When it asks for a password type in: Breaking Strain

Once you're logged in....Go talk to Joop, He’s a Monkey! But not the Overall Wearing Kind, He’s a Science Monkey.
Send Joop a Message and Then Read the letter from Jacques Maillot...Then, if you click on Maillot's name at the bottom of the letter, you can read a response from Peter Thomson (A Hanso Guy) His name gets circled in red at the bottom, click on that & then there's a bit more
…..This should start you on a steady decline into productivity, So enjoy it.


Jack’s dad gave Anna-Lucia the nickname Sarah? Which was Jack’s wife’s name. Was Jack’s Dad F-ing Jack’s Wife. I Had a Feeling!

Also Jack’s Dad has a Daughter, an Australian Daughter, Might That Daughter Be Claire! Man, Jack’s Dad gets around.

I also think that Henry Gale is The Leader of the Others and he’s just pretending to be a lowly servant to get more recon on the group, but the way he talks about this “Amazing Man” and espouses his theories make me think he’s just an ego maniac who can stop talking about how great he is. That or Desmond is the Leader. Either Way, I’m convinced it is one of them

Here's A New Image That Hit the Net...

Also in 'Mission: Impossible 3' if you watch the end credits, you will notice the last name listed in the 'Special Thanks' section is The Hanso Foundation.


At 3:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have a clue what anything in this entry said.

At 6:55 PM, Blogger hardcorelife said...

i also saw the commercial. i went to the web-site it gave and had to figure out the little "puzzle" it gave and then it sent me to a screen giving me the password "heir apparent" and then a link to the hanso site. I e-mailed one of their people threough a link on an "official press release", however aol sent ther mail back to me. all of this makes the show that much cooler/smarter.


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