Friday, July 28

Animation Experiment

New York Animator Scott Bateman, Has Challenged Himself to Make an Animated Film every Day for a Year on Day 338, He animated Jake Fogelnest on K-Rock and I talking about My Born Again Christian Mom and the Day She Made Me Throw out my Poison Album...Enjoy

Click Here For Animated Scheer

Friday, July 21

These Park Rangers are Better Than You!

The Upright Citizens Brigade at Central Park Summerstage was a Huge Success, with a sold out crowd of over 5,000 people we were really excited to perform. Unfortunately Rob Huebel and I were unable to host the show because we suffered from an extreme case of "Heat Exhaustion". Luckily the Head Central Park, Park Rangers, Gary Ann St. Clair and Jim Berdue were able to able diagnose our condition as being "LA Douchebags" and they finally agreed to take over hosting duties for us after repeatedly calling us both "huge pussies" for about an hour. We watched from the sidelines with huge bottles Vitamin Water (mine was 50 cent's Grape Juice which according to the label gives 100% of grape your body needs daily).

The Park Rangers were really informative, we all learned a lot. For example did you know there are over 750,000 deaths in Central Park each summer? Which means every other visitor in Central Park will end up dead (or horrible disfigured) in a park related accident from things like rogue frisbees to the throat, horse and carriage tramplings and most deadly those little sailboats flying out of the boat basin and fatally hitting people in the groin and labias.

So to prevent these accidents St. Clair and Berdue led the audience through some stretches...

This one was called Hard Core and it helped Strengthen Your Core

While This one was called, "Back to Basics" and it was a simple stretching exercise.

There were so many great acts that night, including Todd Barry, Sean Conroy, Rebecca Drysdale, Kristin Schaall, Jackie Clarke, and Aziz Ansari.

Unfortunately Jon Glaser could be there because he was too busy having his wife finger his asshole, but he sent a note and a picture.

J.D. Salinger even stopped by, as he is a huge fan of the Titte Brothers.

Unfortunately the Titte Brothers didn't like Jim Berdue too much as they shot him in the knee...I guess that's show business.

The Park Rangers also announced in an effort to make Central Park more "Hip/Extreme" they would rename certain areas...For example:

Sheeps Meadow is now called Fingerbang Fields
The Children's Carousel is now called DeathCirle
Strawberry Fields will now be called The Limp Bisquit Memorial Arboreteum
and Finally Beleveder Castle will Now be know as DRAGON CUM CASTLE

All in All it was a Fun Night!
(Thanks to for the amazing photos)

Tuesday, July 18

PaulScheer.Com Powered By Yawning Babies

PaulScheer.Com Has Been Totally Revamped

Monday, July 17


The UCB Theatre heads uptown to Central Park for a FREE night of stand-up and sketch comedy under the stars at the Central Park Summerstage.

Show Time: 7:30pm
Doors open: 6:30pm



Location and Directions:
Central Park SummerStage is located at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. Enter the park at 69th Street and 5th Avenue on the east side or at 72nd Street and Central Park West on the west side.

East side: 6 train to 68th or 77th Streets

West side: 1, 2, 3, 9, B or C trains to 72nd Street

Saturday, July 15

Rejected Men's Health Articles

  • The Amazing Abs of the Al Qaeda
  • 379 Ways to Tell Fat, "To Go Fuck itself!"
  • Cloris Leachman Still Sexy at 80!
  • Why Tongue Kissing a Dude Doesn't Mean You're Gay!
  • Fitness Tips From a Fat Guy
  • Bench Pressing with Stanley Tucci
  • 79 New Places to Masturbate
  • Knitting - Do You Have all The Facts?
  • 13 Exercises for your "Junk"
  • EXCLUSIVE: Barry Manilow Answers Your Q&A's

Friday, July 14

Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel Give John Mcenroe Career Advice

Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel Used To Work on the Shortlived John McEnroe Talk Show on CNBC...No One Watched, Till Now....It's Live Being at the Museum of TV and Radio But Different.

And We're Back (Look For Special Appearance By John C McGinley (Scrubs) and Seth Myers (SNL)

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Assembling a team of misfits and paintball outcasts, Bobby is determined to win back his title...and his soul.

  • Rob Corddry ("The Daily Show", Blades of Glory)
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Plus The Website Has a Bunch Of Cool Stuff, Games, Clip, AIM Icons

Thursday, July 13

The One Thing You Should Never Say to Gloria Estefan

Fuck You and Your Miami Sound Machine!

Wednesday, July 12

Neutral Milk Hotel Goes Hardcore

I'm a Big Fan of Siruis Satellite Radio and a Few Nights Ago Product Shop NYC's Blog Radio broadcast Featured Aziz Ansari with an exclusive phone interview with Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum who talked about Working Out, Hunting and Killing His Enemies, and A New Vh-1 Reality Show!!!

Monday, July 10

In Case You Missed It: Some of My Favorite BWE Pieces

Here Are Some of My Favorite Pieces From The Last Few Months of Best Week Ever. Enjoy!

Hot Tub Tax Tips

Paul Versus Grace Park From the Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica

Eli Roth, The Director of "Hostel" Guest Directs Upgrade Downgrade Celebrity Hat Edition on Best Week Ever.

My Trip to SXSW *New Footage*

Thursday, July 6

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Gene Hackman Edition

Gene Hackman in Crimson Tide

Gene Hackman in Hoosiers

Gene Hackman in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace