Friday, September 29

Holy Crap! I'm in a Major Motion Picture!

School For Scoundrels Opens this Weekend!

You Can See The New Trailer Here or You Can Check out the New You Tube Site or you can just enjoy the mystery of surprise. Just whatever you do don't see The Guardian, Open Season, or Jackass 2 this weekend!

Since the movie is opening I thought now would be the best time to give you some behind the scenes gossip from the set.

Horatio Sanz Insists on Traveling with UFC Diagonal Ring and He Challenges People to Impromtu Matches before and after each take. Suprisingly Joe Rogan is their to announce each fight.

Billy Bob Thorton can Fly.

Jon Heder calls everyone "Gregory"

Matt Walsh Runs a Meth Lab From his Trailer

Jacinda Barett created Cold Fusion

One Person in the Film is totally CGI

Benji (The Dog) was the Caterer

My Character Little Pete was originally called Black Alfred

17 people committed suicide by hanging during the shooting look closely and you will see them dangling in the background

The entire Film take Place in Mentally Challenged Child's Snowglobe.

So Go See it Before I Go All Hollywood and Ditch My "Real" Friends and Pictures Like These Become the Norm...

By the way, If You Don't See the Movie Michael Clarke Duncan will come to your house and beat the crap out of you...

Monday, September 18

Three Songs That You Don't Want to Hear at 8AM

For the past 2 weeks my next door neighbor has started a new regime which includes playing the following 3 songs on repeat for about a half an hour.

"Since U Been Gone"
"Walk Like an Egytptian"

This morning I responded by Playing Weird Al Yankovic's "Like a Surgeon"

So since no one in my apartment complex is winning. I'm taking suggestions on what song to play on repeat tommorrow.

Tuesday, September 12

Here's a Fall TV Show I'd Like to See

Mr. Belvedere in F*CKED!
Mr. Belvedere (Christopher Hewitt) is a meth fueled double dealing hitman with a penchant for red wine and whores. After a failed assasination attempt he finds being hunted by the Mafia, the Yakuza, and the Baseball Furies (From "The Warriors") now if he wants to live he's got to go into Witness Protection and run a Day Care Service. Nap Time has never been this dangerous!

Friday, September 8

New Lost Stuff

With only a month before LOST's 3rd season premiere, a whole bunch of new stuff has been popping up...Enjoy

This Video is the Culmination of the LOST Online Game. It's extremely revealing and of course confusing.

Here's a Link to a Map of the Entire Island, It's Awesome!

Huge Ass Map