Friday, October 13

A List of Lost Theories With Little Or No Facts to Back Them Up!

Some Interesting Theories are Floating around About This Week's Lost
(Get Ready For a Big List)

Finally for all the people that had weird theories about this show taking place in the past it's confirmed that the current date on the island is November 29, 2004.

Jae may not have thrown himself from the balcony. Though, with the necklace in his hand, it appears that he committed suicide, it also seems unlikely that he would not take the offer to run away to another country. Sun killed Jae; he did not jump. This is foreshadowed when Sun pushes the Glass Ballerina off of its platform.

When Colleen approaches Danny about getting Desmond's boat, she can be heard saying "Ben wants us to take the "galaga" pair that with the fact that The others were able to approach the sailboat without getting wet and without walking up the pier. So maybe the others have a submarine?

Ben's statement that he has been on the island his whole life implies that he was born there. In support, he refers to "your fellow Americans" when speaking to Jack, indicating that he does not consider himself to be an American.

The dig site was likely an archeological dig. The area was broken up into quadrants and the others were frequently checking a map of some sort. Maybe they are digging up a huge sandal for that big foot we saw last season.

One of the coolest things I've saw was in the trailer for next week, check out these images, from the slowed down trailer...Maybe a Spoiler

The Others may be descendants of inhabitants of an utopian village on the island that were infected with a virus by members of the Hanso Foundation. Due to the healing powers of the island, the virus is not effective. Now the Others are desperately seeking a way to neutralize the virus and be able to leave the prison of the island and live in the outside world. That’s why they pick out people that could bring a solution to their problem. That’s why Ben requires Jack: Jack's task will be finding an antidote. That is why Jack and Kate wake up with shot marks on their arms. Perhaps they were infected with the virus (or whatever they think is the virus-they may not be sick at all) in an effort to coerce Jack into helping them-he would never let Kate die.

And Finally I Learned That Evageline Lilly When not Working Loves to Dry Hump!

Wednesday, October 11

The Reason Why My Blogs Have Been So Infrequent...

The Human Giant
A few months ago Rob Huebel, Aziz Ansari, Jason Woliner and I did a comedy pilot for MTV and they liked it so much that they are letting us get our own series, which is awesome! We are all psyched and super lucky. Hopefully we won't mess it up because if we do Michael Clarke Duncan is going to kick our asses.
We've been working on the show for the past few months in NYC and LA and we start airing in March. So I'll keep you updated when I know more.

If You don't know about Human Giant you can Watch Some of our Films Here and you can Join our Infrequently Updated Myspace Page Here

Here's The Official Press Release...

"Santa Monica, CA, October 4, 2006 MTV: Music Television today announced the greenlight of a new comedy series, Human Giant, set to premiere in Q1 2007 and begin production immediately. Human Giant consists of four members -- Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, who will all star and executive produce, and Jason Woliner, who will direct and executive produce." [Continue reading at The Futon Critic]

Thursday, October 5

Lost: Season 3 - Facts, Theories, and Speculation

Let's just get this out of the way, the 1st 5 minutes of LOST was amazing, it kinda makes up for the next 55 which totally strung you along for absolutely NOTHING! Too much Jack Angst and not enough Polar Bears. However that being said, Never have I been this psyched to be so frustrated.

We learned a bunch of different things, the most important being that if you don't invite Henry/Ben to your book club, Watch your Ass, because he's going to drown you.

Unfortunately last night's episode was really straightforward, nothing happened that really needs much explaining. However I was suprised that Kate took Sawyer's Fish Biscuit and chowed down on it after she had such a great breakfast, c'mon that's just rude. Sawyer was hungry!

Here's Some Stuff That People are Talking about.....

this Theory is the most Interesting, but I'm not Convinced, could the patient that Jack was working on be, Mr. Friendly? Check it out:

Then There is This Crossword Puzzle, If you have a lot of time you can flip it around and magnify it and see the following words, "neccessary evils," "raft," "vital statistics," "prenatal," "heroes."

So that means that the NY Times is apart of the conspiracy, I knew it!

So that's all for Now..Till Next Week.