Thursday, October 5

Lost: Season 3 - Facts, Theories, and Speculation

Let's just get this out of the way, the 1st 5 minutes of LOST was amazing, it kinda makes up for the next 55 which totally strung you along for absolutely NOTHING! Too much Jack Angst and not enough Polar Bears. However that being said, Never have I been this psyched to be so frustrated.

We learned a bunch of different things, the most important being that if you don't invite Henry/Ben to your book club, Watch your Ass, because he's going to drown you.

Unfortunately last night's episode was really straightforward, nothing happened that really needs much explaining. However I was suprised that Kate took Sawyer's Fish Biscuit and chowed down on it after she had such a great breakfast, c'mon that's just rude. Sawyer was hungry!

Here's Some Stuff That People are Talking about.....

this Theory is the most Interesting, but I'm not Convinced, could the patient that Jack was working on be, Mr. Friendly? Check it out:

Then There is This Crossword Puzzle, If you have a lot of time you can flip it around and magnify it and see the following words, "neccessary evils," "raft," "vital statistics," "prenatal," "heroes."

So that means that the NY Times is apart of the conspiracy, I knew it!

So that's all for Now..Till Next Week.


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