Wednesday, November 22


In this Month's Details Nick Kroll and I Take on Yuppies Or as I see it "How Cocaine and Business Cards aren't that much different from Shopping at Whole Food and Driving a Prius!"
Read it Here!

Saturday, November 18

2 Cool Things...

AP MAGAZINE Featured Me in their Comedy Issue

I did a claymation show for Vh1 a year ago called Starveillance and now it's going to be on E! in January, here's a sneak peek, in this scene Jackie Clarke (Free FM) and I play Ashton and Demi on their first date....Watch it Now!

Friday, November 10

The Worst Use of Coldplay Ever...

This is a real commerical for a Star Wars Movie Marathon on Cinemax...It's so painful but yet I can't stop watching it.

Wednesday, November 1

Why I Love Halloween in New York...

Because Last Night I saw a Rainbow Bright give a Ghostbuster a BJ in Front of Kim's Video on St. Mark's Street.

Because if you Don't Have a Costume, Not Problem, Just Put a Rubber Ball in Your Mouth and Dance in a Trashcan.

Because you can never get enough Aborted Fetus Costumes!