Wednesday, January 31

LOST Hearts Corporate Synergy

Check out this very special episode of "Lost"...It kinda makes you feel the same way that it did when your Dad got his "cool" new earring on his 45th Birthday.

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Tuesday, January 30

I'm Back....

You might be thinking, "Scheer, what the hell dude? Where have you been?" and I guess the short answer is "Greyhound Racing." Those dogs beautiful, so...energetic. So far I've lost over $150,ooo big ones on those grey bastards. I also met this dude named Bianca at the track and he's setting me up on "dates" with visiting Asian businessmen and while that's cool it's still not paying off my debts so that why I've been had to take a job doing a new show for MTV called HUMAN GIANT...It's kinda like Laguna Beach with Fake Moustaches and alot more Cursing.

Meet the
"Space Lords"

Rob Huebel, Aziz Ansari and our director Jason Woliner have been working on the show since September and in that time I've learned alot; here a few things you may not know.

Some Important Things I've Learned
Making the "Human Giant" TV Show

  • You can't say, "I was raped by a dinosaur" but you can say "I was molested by a dinosaur"
  • Sobe Adrenaline stops being effective after the 23rd day of drinking it daily.
  • When in doubt cast Nelly Furtado! (FYI: We've yet to be in Doubt)
  • Avoid the Imitation Crabmeat at the MTV cafeteria.
  • You might buy O Magazine as a joke but don't be suprised if you actually like it.
  • On TV Guns are bad but suprisingly Crossbows are totally cool.
  • Tom Selleck is busier than we imagined.
  • It's the only job where people will literally get into an argument over what's a funnier passage of time 10 years, 5 years, or 3 years. (The answer is 10....of course!)
I have more coming soon...

In the meantime check out Jonah Ray's Blog about his Spacelords Experience

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