Tuesday, February 27

Human Giant Presents: Camping Trip!

Here's a new short, from the Human Giant Show, it's totally different than the other stuff that we've made but I think you'll like it.

Human Giant: Camping Weekend

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Sunday, February 25

The OC Died This Week...Let's Mourn our Loss

Tuesday, February 20

Another SXSW Show - The Onion Party

Monday, February 19

Mark Your Calendars: Human Giant Debut's April 5th @10:30PM

This Past Friday Night we Wrapped Principal Photography on "Human Giant".

Here are some Things I Learned The Hard Way that You Shouldn't Say During Your Wrap Party Toast:

"Thanks...For Nothing! A-Holes"
"Don't Look Me in the Eyes When I'm Speaking"
"I Don't Like Any of You"
"See You in Hell!"

I then took off on my Segway and Flipped everyone the Bird!

We've been working Non Stop since August 24th and we shot for 37 Days with the best crew I've ever worked with and now we have over 90 pieces ready to be editted.

I hope you like them.

APRIL 5th @ 10:30PM

Catch a Sneak Preview at SXSW
on March 17th @ FRIENDS
(More Details Coming Soon)

Wednesday, February 14

Holy Shit! Cool LOST Thing

Lost has gone all Twin Peaks on us by employing the talking backwards stuff yet again..Check out this video that plays the brainwashing scene backwards...

If you listen closely you can hear..."only fools are enslaved by time and space"...Awesome!

Another theory that continues to back up the thought that Lost is working outside a normal time line is that the guard who was guarding the brainwashing room was reading Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time and Space"

Tuesday, February 13

Linda Cardellini on the Set of Human Giant

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Sunday, February 11

Lost Recap (2/7/07) : A New Theory

Sorry for the late update, but my Tivo is a Ass! Instead of taping LOST it decided to tape a rerun of CSI: Las Vegas and I don't even watch that show. So they only conclusion I have is that I live with a ghost who loves CSI and likes to screw with my Tivo which is cool but I wsh my ghost liked better shows.

Overall nothing too shocking in this week's episode, except for the rave brainwashing room, that was awesome, it was like a gentler Clockwork Orange.

All right, so the coolest theory I've heard has been pieced together from a few different sources....

Here's an excerpt from a Lost Interview with the Producers

What is the meaning or significance of the two skeletons that Jack and Kate found in the cave of season 1?

CUSE: The answer to that question goes to the nature of the timeline of the island. We don't want to say too much about it, but there are a couple Easter eggs embedded in [the Feb. 7 episode], one of which is an anagram that actually sheds some light on the skeletons and hints at a larger mythological mystery that will start to unfold later in the season.

LINDELOF: There were certain things we knew from the very beginning. Independent of ever knowing when the end was going to be, we knew what it was going to be, and we wanted to start setting it up as early as season 1, or else people would think that we were making it up as we were going along. So the skeletons are the living — or, I guess, slowly decomposing — proof of that. When all is said and done, people are going to point to the skeletons and say, ''That is proof that from the very beginning, they always knew that they were going to do this.''

Does time pass differently on the island than off the island?

LINDELOF: That's a really perceptive question. We know that the Others taped the Red Sox win the World Series in 2004... so that would seem to indicate that time flows the same both on and off. But then again, when the sky turns purple and the ground shakes... wait. Hold on. Carlton is wringing my neck.

CUSE: Yes. Time passes very slowly because they don't have American Idol to watch.


Now the anagram they are referring to is this...


So maybe when the failsafe was turned on things went haywire. Remember when Jack asks Mr. Friendly why they don't take Ben off the island for treatment. Mister Friendly says "ever since the sky turned purple… they can’t do that anymore" .. So Maybe everyone is trapped or Time is moving slower in the real world...or Faster...I don't know!

Wednesday, February 7

When Diamonds Cry: The Final Chapter

After 54 incredibly succesful internet chapters of my romantic, mystery, suspense, horror, fact based fiction novella I now present the final chapter of "When Diamonds Cry....

When Desmond peaked through the door he saw the ghost of Samantha standing over Detective Franks mangled body. He barged in and cried, "No! My partner. How could you?" Then out of the corner of his eye he saw Rick quickly approaching with a machete.....SLICE.......Things went black then Desmond saw his own body without a head across the room and thought, "FATHER!" ...The sun set in Zanibar, Marcus turned off his console and the robots finally regained control...THE END!

You're Welcome!

Monday, February 5

Prepare Your Mind...For A Mind Explosion!

Here's a New Human Giant Short from our Upcoming MTV Show

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Friday, February 2

A Day in My Life...

Living in Hollywood, I’m always out partying with my famous celebrity friends. So last night I got on the horn with my crew; Dabney (Coleman), Reginald (Vel Johnson), and Bronson (Pinchot) and we hit the scene.

Bronson was driving his VW Bus and we were going to hit up the Cracker Barrel before we went to play some Glow in the Dark Mini Golf at the Galleria, like every Thursday night. Reginald brought a can of beer from home and we all split it as we drove, it was warm but we totally we’re getting drunk off it. After dinner we were pulling out of the Cracker Barrel parking lot and we saw the dude who hosts Blue’s Clues crossing the street and we pulled up alongside him and I yelled out the window, “Hey Steve, I heard you took 1st place in the Asshole Olympics”. I high fived Dabney and Bronson hit gas and sped out of there. We laughed all night about that one.

Jealous?…Yeah, I Thought So!

Thursday, February 1

Birthday Wishes That Haven't Come True

Yesterday was My Birthday and I went Back and Thought About Some of My Birthday Wishes From Previous Years and I Realized a Lot of Them Never Came True...Because if they Did I would be driving a Delorean, be married to Punky Brewster, and be playing Basketball for the NBA and through it all my Robot from Rocky 3 would totally be serving me Drinks. Man that Life would be Awesome!

Human Giant
Tonight at 11 at UCB-LA
With Special Guests AD Miles and Jonah Ray
Make Reservations Here

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