Friday, February 2

A Day in My Life...

Living in Hollywood, I’m always out partying with my famous celebrity friends. So last night I got on the horn with my crew; Dabney (Coleman), Reginald (Vel Johnson), and Bronson (Pinchot) and we hit the scene.

Bronson was driving his VW Bus and we were going to hit up the Cracker Barrel before we went to play some Glow in the Dark Mini Golf at the Galleria, like every Thursday night. Reginald brought a can of beer from home and we all split it as we drove, it was warm but we totally we’re getting drunk off it. After dinner we were pulling out of the Cracker Barrel parking lot and we saw the dude who hosts Blue’s Clues crossing the street and we pulled up alongside him and I yelled out the window, “Hey Steve, I heard you took 1st place in the Asshole Olympics”. I high fived Dabney and Bronson hit gas and sped out of there. We laughed all night about that one.

Jealous?…Yeah, I Thought So!


At 12:42 PM, Blogger Amy said...


FACT: There is no Cracker Barrel in LA

FACT: Steve hasn't hosted Blues Clues in like five years. He totally died of a heroin overdose I'm pretty sure.

I've contacted Joe Rogan and he's going to be there with a video camera , like, soon.


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