Sunday, March 25

LOST RECAP "The Man From Tallahasse"

I think someone over at LOST started pressing the "Awesome" button again because the last few weeks have been "HOLY SHIT!" Great. It's like all those promos promising us that big questions would finally be answered were just a couple of weeks too early...Unless of course you count the mystery of "Is their or isn't their a VW Bus on the island?" as something that you desperately needed an answer too...I did of course, because it goes to prove my theory that the Libyans from Back to the Future are actually run the Dharma Organization and Doc Brown is the ringleader of this entire social experiment. Only time will prove me right.

Here's some good stuff to think about while you are supposed to be focusing on something more important..

"Anthony Cooper, Adam Seward" (Locke's dad's alias names) is anagram for "Sawyer, the con man, a poor dad". Therefore, is Anthony Cooper the Real Sawyer? Remember, Sawyer is a con man who seduced James Ford's mother, Brooke Ford, then used her in order to obtain money from her and her husband. This prompted James to take Sawyer's name, and hunt him down.
If so that would be awesome, Sometimes I wish these people just talked about their fucked up families once in awhile, they'd get so much settled.

Secondly, could Locke be the guy who fell past Hurley's financial planner's office window in "Numbers"? In that episode: After Hurley wins the lottery, in his financial advisor Ken Halperin's office, he tells Hurley that every one of his stocks are up. He is the owner of a box company in Tustin, which was ruined after some tropical storms; luckily, Hurley insured it. Hurley also got paid from the LAPD after his false arrest. As Ken is assuring Hurley that he is not cursed, a man falls past the window behind him. If they knew that in season 1, then I say YEAH!

Finally my favorite unanswered weird thing popped up again...The DEATH CAR!

When Locke goes to see his father at the Tustin Florist Ranch, a car drives by in the background that looks very similar to the Bonneville that hit Michael and put him in the hospital, and hit Locke as he was chasing his mother through the parking lot of the toy store he worked at, and Kate ran into it when she was fleeing the hospital in Tom's car. Thanks to Lost Cubit for being on top of this weird ongoing

Apparently next week's episode is Niki and Paulo-Centric...You know those 2 new jerks who just showed up and everyone is totally cool with them like they have been there for 3 seasons. I hate them..I have no reason too but I just do, it's like the execs at ABC were like get me a sexier Rose and Bernard and we all know that isn't possible. Rose and Bernard are the sexiest


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