Wednesday, March 14

Only 1 Day Till Jeff Goldblum Beats The Crap out of Me!

Set your Tivo because in 24 hours, Jeff Goldblum is going to put the beat down on me in the 1st episode of RAINES on NBC Thursday at 10PM.

I Promise you, It's going to be Crime-Drama-tastic!

In our scene I play a really greasy, hotel night manager, who won't give Jeff Goldblum (Raines) the information he needs so he decides to twist my arm..literally! (Nailed it!).

Interesting Fun Fact
The Hotel where we shot our scene actually caters to real Hollywood Prostitutes and Johns. How did I know? Well a real life hooker approached the bullet proof window in the front office while we were shooting to ask for a room.

What You Can Do...
If you like the scene, just bombard NBC with like 7-10 million hand written letters requesting that my character "greasy hotel clerk" gets spun off into my own hour long drama series. I'm thinking of calling "Night Shift" or "Ho Hotel", or just simply "Greasy". Every episode will center around me finding a stain in one of my rooms and I have to figure out what it is, before it's too late..."is it blood, semen, or peanut butter?" tune in and find out.

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